Thursday, February 19, 2015

Supporting Women With Green Polish!

February 19, 2015 ~ When someone says the words "Homeless Veteran" I typically vision that person being a male but sadly I do realize there are also female veterans who are also homeless. I guess this is because when I drive down the road and see a person holding a sign at a street corner or exit they are typically male verses female.

I don't know if it's because I have paid attention more since the documentary release of #no1leftbehind or if I am just aware of more things around me but I feel that I have seen a few more women then previously. While I wish no one ever had to deal with homelessness I feel deeply saddened when it is someone that has fought for our country and our freedom especially female veterans.

So you have heard me talking about the #no1leftbehind campaign and today's post is about supporting our female homeless veterans. It's a sad reality that here in Columbia, MO we have no shelter available for homeless veterans that are female. 

While we currently have Welcome Home, Inc. ( which provides services such as shelter, clothing, emergency food and transportation to homeless veterans in the Mid-Missouri area. Sadly they can house about 9-10 veterans as their location is far too small to meet the demand in our community and the ability to serve females at this location. 

The good news is that with the capital campaign going on right now we are trying to raise the money needed to build Patriot Place, a new shelter here in Columbia, MO that would work directly with Welcome Home, Inc., Columbia Housing Authority and Harry S. Truman Veteran's Hospital to provide transitional housing to nearly 30 homeless veterans including a place for female veterans. 

So in an effort to show my support I have painted my finger nails military green! (I know it looks darker than green but I promise they are really green!) These women fought for us and now it's time to show them support by doing something so simple as painting your fingernails. So I would encourage all my female friends and family members to the following.....

PAINT your nails military green
SHARE your military green nails on social media using #no1leftbehind
CARE by sharing with others
DONATE by visiting

We are 66% of the way to raising $7.5 million dollars needed to build this complex - whatever amount you can afford to contribute is greatly appreciated! Can't afford to donate but want to help? Then help us spread the word about #no1leftbehind and let's get our veterans off the streets and help them get back into a home of their own. We owe it to them.


  1. Thank you for all you do Michele! You are a true hero through your efforts to raise awareness and give back. I salute you!

  2. Awww thank you Megan! Thank you you for all you do for our veterans as well! It takes a team of people to make a difference and I think everyday is just a little better than yesterday!

  3. Thank you for your leadership on spreading awareness about this initiative. I am a veteran and I remember when I got out of the service, that I was homeless for a whole year, and I remember the great people that assisted me during that time. This mission is so important to assisting our veterans with support and aid.

  4. Paladon, thank you for your service. I can't imagine someone being homeless let alone someone that fought for our country and our freedom. You are exactly right as this is a very important mission and one I am very excited about!