Monday, February 23, 2015

Mother-of-the-Bride Dress Shopping!

 February 21, 2015 ~ We have spent some quality time with my diva cousin, Stephanie as she is getting married in September. Today was about spending some quality time with her momma while we try to find a mother-of-the-bride dress! This would be the first of several shops and we almost didn't get to go because of the weather but the sun was shining and it wasn't going to stop us from a little girl time!

When looking for a store that would cater to the mother-of-the-bride I had to look outside of Columbia, MO. I had heard about this place before but honestly forgot about them until a friend of mine mentioned it. I am so glad we went as it was a cute little shop with all kinds of cute clothes as well as a great selection of special occasion dresses! 

It was really fun seeing Aunt Judy getting excited and trying on different styles of dresses. 
(She never had anything that she was able to get dressed up for or even wore a fancy dress! Even when she married Stevie (Stephanie's dad) they got married at the courthouse in a very plain and simple dress) The staff was AWESOME and listened to all of our ideas on what the colors of Stephanie and Justin's wedding are and what we wanted to see in a mother-of-the-bride dress. They understood that this was the first shop we have visited and although we found a dress that would work perfectly we still wanted to look around just to be sure. They weren't pushy and very patient which was wonderful!

 (When we went wedding dress shopping with Stephanie we dealt with a very pushy and almost hateful bridal shop that was trying to pressure us into purchasing the dress that day.... um that wasn't going to happen!)

I highly recommend visiting Calena's Fashions no matter if you are looking for a cute outfit or a dress for most events! They have a little of everything at this shop which makes it fun to look around! 

Calena's Fashions
275 Karen Drive
Holt Summit, MO 65043

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