Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some Very Special Quilts!

December 25, 2014 - I try to come up with unique ideas for Christmas. When it comes to our nieces and nephews I try to do something that will create memories for a lifetime. I asked their parents for their baby clothes as I wanted to have something made from them. Each parent had a few items that they really didn't want to part with and after I told them what I was doing a few changed their minds. I promised that we would make a unique t-shirt quilt using some of their most special outfits. Something they would be able to look back on for years to come and if mom and dad wanted to give these quilts to the kids then that was totally up to them as these quilts would be just as special to their parents as they are the reason these quilts are being made. (Please note: I have put Jane's (the lady who made these) contact information on the bottom of this blog post for anyone interested in having something like this made - she is amazingly talented and can come up with something creative so just ask her! )

Olivia Paige McKee's Quilt.....

Mikel Bryn McKee's Quilt.....

Kinly Ann Greening's Quilt.....

Jaxon James Adams' Quilt....

Alexis Marie Spicer's Quilt.....

I loved how each quilt turned out and funny how you remember the different outfits the kids wore at different stages in their first year. Really happy with these and I am so glad I found Jane! She has made many quilts for me and I am already thinking about which one's I will have made next! 

Here's her information for those interested: 

I found Jane Haworth on Etsy in mid 2014 and my life has forever been changed!  I am addicted to her wonderful talents of creating something so beautiful from everyday items!

She can make quilts using any number of shirts and will be priced accordingly.
All prices and sizes are approximate but so long as your quilt falls in the size range regardless of the number of shirts, then that is the price.

Size Number of T-Shirts (Approx) Dimensions Price
Small Lap Throw (9-12) 50” x 60” $250
Medium Lap Throw (12-16) 60” x 60” $275
Blanket (16) 70” x 70” $300
Twin (20) 68” x 84” $330
Full (24) 78” x 88” $380
Queen Square (25) 84” x 84” $380
Queen (30) 84” x 92” $430
King (40+) 92” x 98” $580
Shipping charge $25 for USA. She will ship to other countries so just ask!

If you want a cuddle fleece backing there will be a $20 upgrade charge extra, $30 on queen and $40 on king size.

I require a $100 deposit sent with the shirts and balance is paid when the quilt is finished before I send it back to you.
*Please talk to her via a private message on Etsy or her website to ask about updated pricing as her prices may have changed. She is extremely fair and very reasonable for what you are getting. If you request the scraps from your project please let her know this show she can ship it along with your quilt*

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