Monday, February 16, 2015

Central Missouri Honor Flight Cookbook Has Been Submitted!!!

February 13, 2015 -  Back in August 2014 we had this wonderful idea to create a cookbook with veteran's only recipes to use as a fundraiser for Central Missouri Honor Flight. Since the start of Central Missouri Honor Flight they have taken 31 flights and over 1,900 veterans to our nation's capital to see their memorials. In an effort to help keep these flights going we thought this would be a great venture. With the help of many people in our community the recipes started flowing in like crazy.

Trying to keep this all straight took a wonderful dedicated woman by the name of Brenda Sherman. She organized the recipes, printed them out and kept track of things so that we had all recipes accounted for. A task that doesn't go un-noticed. 

On August 11, 2014 this wild and crazy group of women got together to start entering recipes on an online system. A task that wasn't easy but would be fun! 

As we all know, life happens and our project was delayed due to a death in a family then the holidays hit. We knew that we would get back on the road to getting this project done after the first of the year.

{insert happy dance here}
After working like crazy on this project over the last month including entering the nearly 400 all veteran recipes for the "Veterans' Favorites - A Taste of Home Cookbook" benefiting the Central Missouri Honor Flight it's time to jump up and down because.....

This project has seriously been a labor of love and I have to give a huge shout out to my awesome co-chair, Brenda Sherman as well as Cheryl Wallace for proof-reading all the recipes not once but twice to make sure we are consistent in entries!

While you don't get to see the front or back cover of this awesome cookbook I have to give another huge shout out to Dave Timpone, Web and Marketing Manager for Bobcat of St. Louis - Columbia Branch for coming to us literally at the last moment and offering to work on the covers so that it would stand out above all the rest! I can't say thank you enough to Dave and I know you all will love the design work once you see it! It's bea-u-ti-ful! 

All of this wouldn't be possible without some amazing businesses that jumped on board with this project making sure that they gave back to Central Missouri Honor Flight through a one-time-only sponsorship for the "Veterans' Favorites - A Taste of Home Cookbook"! 
Our sponsors are as follows.....

Hawthorn Bank
1110 Club Village Drive
Columbia, MO 65203

Midway Electric, Inc.
7301 W Henderson Road
Columbia, MO 65202

Bobcat of St. Louis - Columbia Branch
1101 N. Lenway Drive
Columbia, MO 65202

Midway CSI
7301 W Henderson Road
Columbia, MO 65202

Don's Family Style Buffet
315 Hwy JJ
Huntsville, MO  65259

Mutrux Automotive, LLC
2100 W Rollins Road
Columbia, MO 65202

Wallstreet Insurance Group - Jennifer Gerling, Agent
211 Marshall Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Edward Jones - Matt Peiter, Financial Advisor
215 Main Street
Boonville, MO 65233

Thank you all so much for jumping on board to get this cookbook paid for so that we can get it into production allowing 100% of the sales to go directly to Central Missouri Honor Flight! 

So what does this mean for now?
We will have more details in the near future including delivery dates of these cookbooks but somewhere around 45 days (ish)!

Cookbooks will be sold for $15.00 each and we will let you know when and where they will be available for purchase! 

It's a very exciting day for sure! 

Also a huge thank you to the Paulsell family for being patient as we leaned on them A LOT during this past week! We just wanted to present a quality product that represented Central Missouri Honor Flight very well.... I think we have it so stay tuned!

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