Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Brandon!

February 15, 2015 - Today we celebrate a very special birthday.... Yep today is my super cute and super sweet hubby's 39th birthday! (It's also my super cute and super sweet nephew's 4th birthday tomorrow)
 While Brandon and I are only 6 months apart in age I take this time to rub in that I am the younger one. He takes this time to tell me he is the wiser one... he's a funny man! 

It's funny how when you get older you don't really need or want anything. Seems kind of strange that we have reached the magical age (some time ago) that we don't need gifts to enjoy birthday's. We normally get each other cards for holidays and birthday's but we both have been so busy that we didn't have time to pick any up this year. It wasn't like his special day was forgotten as we always go out to dinner and celebrate with friends and family.

 After lounging around most of the morning we got up and went grocery shopping (since Mother Nature hasn't taken her medicine lately and we were expecting 6-10 inches of snow) which is something neither one of us enjoy doing. Then we went to Claysville Store to eat a late lunch with Ashley (my sister), Greg (my brother-in-law), Jaxon (my nephew) and Aunt Judy to celebrate Bubba's birthday. My momma has been sick with the nasty flu stuff so dad stayed home with her. Dinner's aren't the same without mom and pops. 

Thank you to everyone that called, sent text messages, left Facebook comments for Brandon. It feels good to have so many people wish you Happy Birthday no matter how old you are! 

We were driving home last night and I asked him how are we turning 39 this year?!?! It seems like yesterday we were 16 and fast forward 23 years.... I think I fall in love with him more and more as each year passes. I can't wait to grow old with you Brandon Gene.... Happy Birthday babe!

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