Friday, February 28, 2014

World Cancer Day!

February 4, 2014~ Today is World Cancer Day. Cancer is a word that we have all heard at some point in our life as this word is far too common these days. I have had too many friends affected by this nasty disease and last year my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Many of my friends and even my dad have been lucky in the way that their cancer was perhaps caught early enough and with the help of surgery and/or chemo/radiation they were cancer-free. Not all of my friends and loved ones were this lucky.

As I watched the 2014 Super Bowl commercials recently I would learn that February 4, 2014 was World Cancer Day. When I first saw the Chevrolet commercial I will be honest... I didn't immediately pick up on what message they were talking about. I remember re-watching it and thought it was perfect. I have watched it several times since then and love the song that is in the commercial. If you missed it you can watch it here:

As many of you know I live my life by paying it forward as often as I can and wanted to do something for someone today in recognition of World Cancer Day. I wanted to show others that were currently going through treatments that they weren't alone on this journey. I called Stewart Cancer Center, a newly opened cancer center in Boone Hospital Center located in Columbia, MO and spoke to a wonderful nurse named Amy. I explained that I would like to send each inpatient staying in Stewart Cancer Center a small arrangement of flowers for World Cancer Day and needed her help to tell me how many inpatients they had. I didn't need their names or anything else about them just simply how many arrangements to send. Amy told me that there were 7 inpatients at this time. I explained that I would be contacting Kent's Floral Gallery in downtown Columbia, MO  and he would deliver the arrangements if she would make sure that they get to each patients room. She agreed and with the snow that came today the flowers would actually be delivered tomorrow.

Kent's Floral Gallery is awesome to work with. I love calling down there and they know who I am and what I usually want or need. Their arrangements are always beautiful and the flowers always look great! If you are looking for a knowledgeable florist or want something fun and unique give them a call and tell them I sent you!

On each card we wrote: "Celebrating World Cancer Day! You are not alone on this journey... Love, Someone that cares about you!" I also sent an arrangement to the nurses at Stewart Cancer Center to show them that they are appreciated. I can't always do stuff like this but if it brightened one person's day it was totally worth it to me!

In life we are often dealt some hard cards and with the right people on your side cheering you on it can be easier to deal with. I enjoy helping others and doing little things to make a big impact in the lives of others and I just hope that it inspires others to get creative and do something to inspire others. Not always does it have to cost money.... it just needs to come from the heart with the right intentions. Have a wonderful day friends! Happy World Cancer Day.... Never give up!

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