Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My 13th 5k ~ Columbia Eve Fest

December 31, 2013 ~ Today would be a bittersweet day as I embark on my 13th and final 5k for 2013. I have never participated in a 5k until April 2013 and made a goal of completing 13 of them in 2013. In less than an hour I would be crossing the finish line and crossing off one of my bucket list items as well as a personal accomplishment.

The journey of completing these 5k's wasn't easy however it was worth every moment. When I decided to do this I knew I would not be training or even working out between races. (Of course I paid the price in my official times by not training) I would still do the things I wanted to do while sticking to my goal. I wanted to show others that we can push ourselves to do things we haven't done before and what a great feeling it was to cross those finish lines.... no matter what the time was.

I never ran with anyone else until my 12th 5k. It wasn't because I didn't want to be social but rather I didn't want to hold someone else back if I ran too slow or needed to walk. Instead I would find someone and pace them and if they got too far ahead of me I would pace someone else until I found a speed that my body could handle.

When I arrived to the race I found these two fun ladies! 
(Tara Alderson is on the right and she pushed me to reach a personal goal on my 12th 5k and she's a fun lady... sadly I couldn't keep up with them this trip!)

Around 4:00 PM the race got started and we were off! 

Back at the finish line I caught up for one more fun picture with these girls....
My official time: 39:06:08

When I got in the car and drove away I began thinking about all the races during the 2013 year and I couldn't help but smile. I never played sports in school, tried to play sand volleyball and softball but always got in trouble (I like to sling the bat after a hit) and really didn't know if I had this in me.... As I said, it wasn't easy but I was determined. I never got the "runners high" that so many talk about and those darn hills tried to kill me but each time I gave all I could and pushed through. I was proud... proud for trying, proud for never giving up and proud because it did it! I'm not sure what my goals will be for 2014 but I think it might be safe to say that I will be hanging up the running shoes for now.... Of course I never say never but I'm done for awhile.... I think! 

My Races for 2013:
1. The Glow Run 5k - April 6, 2013 (under 45 minutes)
2. Coyote Hill 5k - April 27, 2013 (43:25:71)
3. Girls on the Run 5k - May 11, 2013 (36:52:3)
4. Go Girl Run 5k - May 25, 2013 (35:44:84)
5. Baer & Edington 5k -June 8, 2013 (35:37)
6. Stu 22 5k - June 15, 2013 (35:07)
7. Hallsville Optimist 5k - June 16, 2013 (36:02)
8. In2Action Trail Run 5k - June 22, 2013 (41:30)
9. Paleo Walk/Run 5k - June 29, 2013 (38:06)
Bonus Run: College Ave 1 Mile Run- September 7, 2013 (10:41:3)
10. Access Arts Color Run 5k - October 12, 2013 (35:43)
11. Hunger Run 5k - November 9, 2013 (38:00)
12. Dream Factory 5k - November 16, 2013 (26:30 PR)
13. Columbia Eve Fest 5k - December 31, 2013 (39:06:08)

My advice to you... 
Never ever give up on your dreams and/or goals. Push yourself harder each day and know that you can do anything you set your mind to. With a little faith, encouragement and hard work there isn't anything you can't accomplish in life!

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