Friday, February 28, 2014

Paint The Town ~ Cowboy Style!

February 12, 2014 ~ We had a ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening of Paint the Town here in Columbia, MO. After the ribbon cutting we were asked to stay and paint if we wanted to. I love painting and seeing how creative I can be but I didn't love the painting they were going to paint for the evening. Monty said I could paint anything I wanted to paint and he would help me if I had trouble.... I don't think he fully thought about what he said as we all know Michele Spry and she never follows the rules and likes to do things her way!

I had spotted this beauty on the wall and really wanted to try it! 
I mean, duh... it's totally my style! 

As they began explaining the painting the class would be doing I grabbed the cowboy boot painting they did and starting working on the boot and hat. Monty said that on this picture you start with the boot and hat then work on the background then you finish the boot and hat....
With some direction from Monty I was doing pretty good! 
I felt like I had a lot more to go but I was certainly seeing some progress! 
I know present to you.... The Midway Cowboy Boot! 

I asked Monty to take a picture of my masterpiece and I...
He's such a funny guy! He and Susan (also a Chamber Ambassador) ain't right! 
They were crackin' me up! (Kind of a cool picture of taking a picture)

It was a lot of fun and interesting how different people teach. I have painted at a few different places and they each have a fun environment and a different style of teaching but the main theme is that they want you to create your own artwork.... they don't want your artwork to be exactly like theirs which is really cool! I love getting all artsy fartsy and trying something I didn't know I could do. 

Paint the Town
2703 E Broadway, Suite 127
Columbia, MO 65201

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