Friday, February 7, 2014

Reflection of 2013

December 31, 2013~ I can't believe 2013 is almost over. Where did this year go? As each year ends I like to take some time to look back on a year and what things I experienced and that I am grateful for. This year was full of "firsts", many laughs, great friends, good memories and lots of love!

Every year I try to push myself to try new things. When I can I try to trick my husband into trying new things too. We have a motto that we like to say..... "There's nothing we can't do just things we haven't tried yet!" and this is how we live our life. If you never got out of your comfort zone how are you going to know you have lived life to the fullest? I want to be knocked down 7 times and stand back up 8! As I get older I really see the important things in life and many of those things are even really things at all. It's feelings.... like love, appreciation and compassion for example. It's the stuff that money can't buy. When we were younger it was more about monetary things... you worked really hard to have nice things.... we still work really hard but for things that doesn't revolve around money such as our families, friendships and giving back in our communities. My world is revolves around my family, my good friends and positive people that want to make the world a better place by giving their time unselfishly and without wanting something in return.

As I look back on 2013 I can't help but smile. So many great memories and some great accomplishments including crossing somethings off my bucket list! Follow me as I take you through some moments that made 2013 a special year.....

January 2, 2013: I approved Tom T's Hat Rack: A Story About Paying It Forward and turned a dream into a reality and became a self-published author!

January 4, 2013: Tom T's Hat Rack is now available on e-readers Kindle and Nook!

January 5, 2013: Today was the official roll out of the Mizzou Ambassador program for the University of Missouri Athletics Department as a way to welcome our fans and guests to home games. Working with Krissy Ellis and Derek Steinbach to design this program and having a core group of 20 dedicated Mizzou Ambassadors ready to almost live at Mizzou home sports has been amazing! (Thank you Mizzou Ambassadors for your rock star dedication and making our 1st year a great one!)

January 10, 2013: Just dropped off books to Village Books in Columbia, MO. Yes you can now pick up your own physical copy of Tom T's Hat Rack!

January 15, 2013: Visitation and funeral of JP Perry. JP was an incredible business man that taught me so much about life and business. You all here me say "Sug" and it's because of this man. He called almost everyone (female) Sug when I talked to him on the phone or in person. I helped run his towing company and his grandson, Brian would ride with his grandpa.... we had CB radio handles..... JP was Boss Hog, Brian was Bo Duke and I was Lula! (Loved the Dukes of Hazard growing up!) I sure will miss this guy!

January 17, 2013: I began teaching my 3rd year of Junior Achievement at Midway Heights Elementary School. What a wonderful experience for me to interact with the students and teach them about "Our Community". Midway Electric, Inc. would also be in our 5th year as Partner in Education with Midway Heights Elementary School. (The students would complete all 5 lessons and graduate from JA on January 25, 2013)

January 31, 2013: Interview with Kim Beasely on Google+ talking about Tom T's Hat Rack and this whole experience of becoming a self-published author.

February 6, 2013: Judging for DECA at the Holiday Inn Executive Center for the high school students. This has been a fun was to hear from our future leaders in a role play situation where the students pitch an idea to you and see how creative they can be taking them to the next DECA event. I was in DECA in high school and wanted to give back by helping this program several years ago.

February 12, 2013: I was a guest author at Hannah Cole Primary School in Boonville, MO and would meet Carter, a kindergartner that has brain cancer and currently going through chemo. I learned there was another kindergartner that also was going through chemo and was sick today and wasn't at school. To talk to them about my book was a lot of fun and very eye opening for me as they knew so much about cancer because of their classmates. I'll never forget this experience.

February 14, 2013: Got out of the shower to a Starbucks hot chocolate and cards.... I love my husband! He always surprises me with the things I love on special days!

February 15, 2013: Happy 37th Birthday Brandon Gene Spry! I love you to the moon and back!

February 16, 2013: Today was my first book signing! What a day! 175 amazing and supportive people came out to see Tom Trabue (aka Mr. T), Peggy A. Guest (my illustrator) and me! I am forever grateful and special thanks to Stoney Creek Inn for hosting us, Cherie Rutter for the cake pops, Kent's Floral Gallery for the beautiful flowers and Becky from Village Books for being there to sell the books for me!

February 16, 2013: Happy 2nd Birthday Jaxon James Adams! Aunt Shell loves you lots and lots!

February 20, 2013: Loaded up the "Spry Express" with precious cargo, Sarah Hill, Scott Schaefer and Dani Wexleman heading to Cameron, MO for a Virtual Veterans Tour before the snow storm hit!

February 21, 2013: Thank goodness we got to Cameron, MO last night because they got some snow! Nothing for my ride but the whole town was shutting down. We grabbed a quick lunch at Pizza Hut and drove to the Veterans Home to get set up! We had a special guest, Anthony Galloway from NBC News there filming for some national TV coverage of what we were doing. Another amazing trip and being able to take 75 veterans to see their memorials virtually. (Because of the snow we would have to spend an extra night but what a fun trip with everyone!)

February 23, 2013: Happy 62nd Birthday Pops! (Both mom and dad retired this month... Congratulations you both deserve a little relaxing time)

February 28, 2013: Operation "Feed the Boone Electric Lineman" happened because of some amazing volunteers dedicated to making sure the men and women of Boone Electric (and surround counties that came to help) had warm meals for 3 days while trying to restore power in our community! Couldn't be more proud to be a small part to something so huge.... and to think no one has ever done something like this for Boone Electric until today. Thank you!

March 4, 2013: The start of our 4th Annual read-a-thon at Midway Heights Elementary School! The Partners in Education wanted a way to encourage and promote reading among our students while bringing in 70+ members of our community to come read to them! Thank you Tanya Alberty for being a great Partner in .... Education!

March 6, 2013: I would complete the CTA course and become an official Certified Tourism Ambassador for the City of Columbia/CVB! (What a wonderful program for our front line people such as hotel staff, taxi drivers and all others that interact with our guests)

April 5, 2013: Happy 32nd Birthday to my sister, Ashely! I love you!

April 6, 2013: My 1st ever 5k.... The Glow Run! This was not a timed event but I came in under 45 minutes. After this run I told myself I would complete 13 5k's in 2013.... One down and twelve more to go!

April 7, 2013: Photo shoot / video for the Columbia Missourian's 100 Ages project. (They took 100 people in our community from ages 0-100 and did a cool project where you could literally see history unfold in front of your eyes.... super cool idea!)

April 10, 2013: Fly to New Orleans with Aunt Judy, Stephanie and Justin..... We've never been to New Orleans before and would end up seeing / visiting Mississippi and Alabama too! (crossed off three other states on our bucket list.... our goal is to see all states by the time we turn 40)

April 13, 2013: Attended the sold out concert for George Strait in New Orleans from the front row! Amazing and George was about 5' from us... what an awesome experience! Oh and we got 2 signed guitars too! Woo Hoo!

April 16, 2013: Photo shoot with LG Patterson for the Voluntary Action Center Calendar campaign. I would be wearing a football helmet and shoulder pads to represent Youth Enrichment Fund (This program allows under prevailaged children the ability to play sports, go to camps or anything else other children get to do. I feel all children should get to follow their dreams and not be limited by income that their parents make or don't make)

April 16, 2013: Dad had surgery today to remove prostrate cancer. Fingers crossed they got it all!

April 19, 2013: Our very first NASCAR experience at Kansas Speedway!  We got hot passes and had a chance to meet and get signatures from pretty much all the drivers.... Holy smokes that was fun!

April 22, 2013: Bailey girl had to have surgery today. They did a mastectomy and took out several other lumps but luckily it all came back non-cancer... Shew!

April 27, 2013: Ran my 2nd 5k.... Coyote Hill 5k!

May 3, 2013: Speaking to GFWC Convention about Paying It Forward / Tom T's Hat Rack!

May 4, 2013: Went looking for antique signs and ended up in Iowa! (Cross off another state on the bucket list!)

May 11, 2013: Ran my 3rd 5k.... Girls on the Run 5k!

May 13, 2013: Attending the West Blvd Assembly with Tom Trabue where the students donated 300+ hats to donate to the Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital and Missouri Cancer Associates. This idea came from reading Tom T's Hat Rack and the school wanting to do something to help our community... I couldn't be more proud!

May 15, 2013: Radio interview with Storyteller's Campfire at 10:00 PM to talk about Tom T's Hat Rack around the world!

May 16-19, 2013: Road Trip! Headed to Chicago, IL with Doug and Gretchen Fifer! (Cross off another state on the bucket list and we took in Wisconsin (crossed off another bucket list state) also and was detained by the Wisconsin police... something we talked our way out of! What a blast and many great memories!)

May 25, 2013: Ran my 4th 5k.... Go Girl Run!

May 27, 2013: 9/11 Hero Tour (Virtual) with Iraq/Afghan veterans at Veterans United.... Awesome!

May 30, 2013: Roast for Don Laird benefiting the Alzheimer's.... never  been to a roast of someone before and was a lot of fun!

June 8, 2013: Ran my 5th 5k... Baer and Edington!

June 15, 2013: Ran my 6th 5k.... Stu22 5k!

June 16, 2013: Ran my 7th 5k.... Hallsville Optimist 5k! (Side note: I won 1st place for my age bracket which was cool but running 2 5k's two days in a row was not the smartest thing I have done... hello legs... stop screaming at me!)

June 19, 2013: I was asked to be on the Chamber of Commerce Board for 1 year term.... Thank you Bob Wagner! (This would be my second time serving on the Chamber's Board)

June 22, 2013: Ran my 8th 5k... In2Action Trail Run 5k!

June 29, 2013: Ran my 9th 5k.... Paleo Walk/Run 5k!

July 1, 2013: Became Historian for the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors (new position appointed by the Chair/Executive Board)!

July 3-7, 2013: Fly out to see Paul and Whitnee Lear in Montrose, CO over 4th of July! (We love this place!)

August 1, 2013: Almost lost my brother-in-law, Greg Adams to a bee sting. Thank goodness for his employees, job site near the hospital and the hospital staff for saving his life!

August 2, 2013: Happy 37th Birthday to me!

August 6, 2013: Found out that my name was included on a Mid-America Emmy nomination along with some truly wonderful, incredibly talented and very caring individuals in our community that are so passionate about our veterans / active duty men and women.  To even think about my name next to theirs is a dream come true but to have an Emmy nomination.... I can't tell you how cool that is! Thank you so much Sarah Hill, Scott Schaefer, Dani Wexelman, Chad LaFarge, Bruce Garber and John Butterrill... y'all rock!!!

August 13, 2013: Surprised an old high school friend, Jamie Ragan with a surprise party! (Her mom told her it was a party for me... the look on her face was priceless! Thank you for everyone that came out... wonderful day!)

August 20, 2013: Celebrity Judge for the Wing-Ding Festival.... That was a lot of wings! (So much fun!)

August 22-25, 2013: Flew to Montrose, CO with momma! A fun trip that started out with she and I... turned into skipping our flight home and riding back with Brandon and Danny! Wild and crazy but wouldn't change any moment for the world!

August 29-September 2, 2013: 9 of us loaded up in an RV and headed for Nashville, TN! This would be a very memorable trip and something I will laugh/smile about for a long time! We went to see Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard at Loretta's Ranch with a whole lot of fun in between! (Oh and we crossed off another state on our bucket list!)

September 4, 2013: Celebrated a huge milestone today! Chuck Everitt received his 4th Chamber Ambassador Tree (dedication at Battle High School) which is the highest milestone for this organization! Congratulations buddy! 

September 8, 2013: Bonus Run! College Ave 1 mile run and met John Anderson (ESPN)!

September 12-15, 2013: Head to Chiagoland Speedway for NASCAR!!! What a blast this trip would be and we had hot passes that would allow us to meet the drivers and get signatures! Awesome trip!

September 23, 2013: Never took maternity pictures before but tried my hand at photographing Josh and Roni Spicer before their little girl arrives! So much fun and many great laughs!

September 27, 2013: Our first Cardinals game of 2013.... I know.... I know.... how is this even possible you might ask.... well I've been a little busy! Had a great night with Greg and Jill Greening at the Cards/Cubs game where we won this game and became the National League Central Division!

September 29, 2013: Voluntary Action Center Calendar Unveiling/Signing. What an amazing experience and it was a lot of fun being a part of this campaign to highlight 12 different services that the VAC offers in our community. I was shocked when I received the Cover Photo for this calendar!

October 3, 2013: Attended the 100 Ages Party for the Columbia Missourian! Really cool to meet so many people involved in this project!

October 4, 2013: NASCAR Day! Headed back to Kansas Speedway for the day! Yep you guessed it... lots of photos and autographs!

October 5, 2013: Head to the 37th Mid-America Emmy's in St. Louis, MO with my best friend, Misty McKee as my hot date! We didn't win but what a fun time and a wonderful experience!

October 6, 2013: Gave a baby shower along with Kayla Peyton for Roni Spicer in Moberly, MO! What a great day and I think this baby girl just might be spoiled! (It's not a bad thing.... so glad to see so many people that already love her!)

October 12, 2013: Ran my 10th 5k.... Access Arts Color Run!

October 13, 2013: Received a phone call I have been waiting on for a few years.... Sharon Paulsell called and asked if I was ready to go on a Central Missouri Honor Flight... the real deal! Holy moly what a phone call!!!!

October 15, 2013: Central Missouri Honor Flight #25! Wow!

November 1-3, 2013: Headed to Texas for NASCAR at the Texas Speedway! (cross off another bucket list state)

November 5, 2013: Honored to go on another Central Missouri Honor Flight #26!!!

November 6, 2013: CMA Watch Party benefiting Dolly Parton Imagination Library here in Columbia, MO!

November 9, 2013: Ran my 11th 5k... Hunger Run 5k!

November 16, 2013: Ran my 12th 5k.... Dream Facotry "When I Grow Up" 5k! (Set a new Personal Record thanks to Tara Alderson.... 26:30!)

November 25, 2013: Participated in Junior Achievement in a Day at Derby Ridge Elementary School! 

November 27-December 1, 2013: Fly to Las Vegas!

December 2, 2013: Welcomed Alexis Marie Spicer into this world! Born at 7:52 PM weighing in at 8 lbs 3.9 ounces and 20.5" long! Josh and Roni are going to be awesome parents and this little girl already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!

December 7, 2013: Virtual Hero Tour with Sarah Hill, Olivia Clatto and Barbara Breggaman in St. James, MO at Missouri Veterans Home for Pearl Harbor Day.

December 8, 2013: Attended the Central Missouri Honor Ball with my bestie, Misty McKee! Awesome night!

December 31, 2013: Ran my 13th and final 5k... Columbia Eve Fest 5k!

Shew! That was a lot of typing! As you can see this was a jam packed year and there was a lot of time spent with family, friends and great people I haven't met until this year! It's hard to account for everything we did but I wouldn't change one thing about this wild and crazy year! 2014... I hope you are ready for me.... it's gonna be just as wild and crazy!


  1. Michele ... loved the post and reading about a jam-packed 2013. It is encouraging. Also ... thanks for running in the Coyote Hill 5K. We appreciate that.

  2. Thank you Larry! 2014 is already in que to be just as jam-packed and fun! Running those 5k's was fun and I pushed myself and organizations in our community benefited... that's a win-win! :)