Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nebraska Then Home Sweet Home!

September 6, 2015 ~ Today is the final day of our little trip! It has been a lot of fun and I am glad Mommy-Dearest (Brandon's mom) got to go somewhere with us. We have certainly laughed, made memories and ate some good food but this trip isn't over yet!

While we spent the night in Fort Pierre we didn't spend any time here and wish we had. 

Pierre was founded in 1880 amid the turbulence of the Great Dakota Boom, as gold prospectors and homesteaders flooded into the Dakota Territory. That same year, the railroad first crossed the Missouri River here, and the town grew along the river’s east bank as both goods and people traversed the state.
When South Dakota achieved statehood in 1889, Pierre, situated at nearly the geographic center of the state became its capital. This ensured the town’s survival even as drought and depression struck the region and turned the boom to dust.
Pierre today is a small Midwestern city of about 14,000. The seat of Hughes County as well as the state capital, it is a friendly community whose tree-lined streets, historic downtown and lush green parks give way to rolling hills and steep bluffs as the county spreads east into the state’s expansive plains.

 Fort Pierre
Where the Bad River meets the Missouri lies Fort Pierre, a rural community whose quiet way of life belies its historical significance. Here, in 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition first met the Teton Sioux.
For many years the site of a trading post on the edge of a vast wilderness and a gateway to the American West, Fort Pierre was officially founded in 1832 by the American Fur Company, and took its name from the company’s officer, Pierre Chouteau. Today, it’s a town with just 3000 residents, a rural counterpart to the bustling capital just across the Missouri River.

It was raining when we left and taking photos along the way was awesome! 
Then all the sudden a rainbow popped through and let me snap a few pictures (while Brandon was driving down the road) for about 20 minutes! 

I do love green and yellow paint! 
Loved seeing such big farms and lots of cattle and/or hay bales! 

I have no idea how many signs that Wall Drug has along the highway but anything less than 500 would surprise me! Pretty sure we didn't see two of the same! 

One thing that we did notice was all the fields of sunflowers! Momma would have loved to see them and if we had been there earlier I bet they would have been beautiful in bloom!

Talk about capturing this picture at the right moment and out of the drivers side window (leaning across Brandon).... cowboys were working some cattle and caught this feller taking it all in! 

We made it to Nebraska! 

Our next stop was in Valentine, Nebraska and as soon as we rolled into town I spotted this awesome building. I had Brandon turn around so I could take a few more pictures!

 While we are here we figured this would be the best place to get an early lunch. From the moment we walked in you knew that you weren't from here.... Just a few observations......

1. Customers have already been watching us as we walked in... No sugars, we aren't from here.
2. A booster seat here means they stack two chairs on top of each other....
3. Our waitress has been confused and tore up the first ticket taking my order. Who knew a taco salad could be so difficult! (We all know I'm difficult!)
4. Church crowd and a interesting "wild crowd" blended in one place... Love watching everyone talk and figuring out who/what they are talking about.
Standby... We've only been here 7 minutes....

Taco salad was really good and I would recommend stopping by here if you are ever in the area! 
(Please just don't be difficult... they have already dealt with that one this year! Ha!) 

So we stopped in Omaha, Nebraska for a good dinner. We stumbled upon this place and thought we would give it a try! 
When we walked up to the door you heard music playing. Not your typical church style music but a monk/monasteries style music. (Sorry I don't know what it's called exactly) Brandon looked at me and asked "What have you got me into now?" 

This place was actually really cool (once I understood what it was about). I'm not gonna lie... everyone dressed as monks and the various rooms kind of made me wonder about my choice of dinner. Have no fear.... I asked lots of questions! 
The best part is when they seated us in the chapel! Now that's hilarious! 
(Y'all should know we need all the help we can get)

The Story Behind Brother Sebastian’s

First-time restaurateur Loren Koch was inspired by Spanish monasteries sprinkled throughout the state of California. The monks were renowned for their hospitality and kindness to visitors. Koch designed Brother Sebastian’s to re-create the warm ambiance of the rustic abbeys, while paying homage to the “Brothers” that dedicated their lives to their beliefs and the care of others. Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse and Winery opened in 1977 and provided visitors a place to “get away” and enjoy great food in an upscale restaurant with an imaginative, comfortable atmosphere. Brother Sebastian’s burned to the ground in February of 1996. Rebuilding began immediately and it reopened just 8 months later. While most “theme” restaurants have come and gone, Brother Sebastian’s timeless design, delicious food and great service have allowed it to become one of the top ranked restaurants in Omaha!

So Mommy-Dearest kept telling us she wasn't sleeping during multiple times during the trip.... 
I think Mommy-Dearest was lying..... 
(Pretty sure we shaved about 10 years off her life on this trip)

What a great trip.... until next time!

Oh just one more good one for you.... 

This is Mommy-Dearest talking to Stan (her boyfriend of 25+ years) and telling him about her trip with the kids! I told y'all there was never a dull moment!

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