Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Cardinals Care - Stan Musial 6K

September 13, 2015 ~ Not only is today our 18th wedding anniversary but it's Brandon's very first "live" race! Yep somehow his rock star wife talked him into completing the Stan Musial 6k race on our anniversary in St. Louis, MO! (So if you are following our crazy weekend we have been in Kansas City, MO for my cousins wedding since Friday.... got home around 2:00 AM on Sunday morning and left Columbia around 4:45 AM for St. Louis...)

 In Cardinals baseball 6 is a serious number and I was serious about doing this race! For some reason when I looked it up I thought it was next year but on further review it was this year and I was going to do everything I could not to miss it! 

Have I told you how much I love this man?

Back in 2008 when they offered spaces in the Stan Musial Plaza I knew we wanted our own stone to show our support for an awesome guy. When we get a chance to take in a game I love to walk by and see our stone and just wish that we had the chance to meet Stan through the years.

Packet pick up for this race was Friday or Saturday night so luckily someone understood that we were in Kansas City until the morning of the race and made special arrangements to allow us to pick up our t-shirts and race bibs by 7:00 AM. 

Since Stephanie and Justin hung out with their favorite mascot for their wedding last night it was only fitting that we hung out with ours on our anniversary! Fredbird met us at the finish line! 

I was so proud of Brandon and his ability to push himself to get this race done! It's not easy and sometimes we have to dig a little deeper and he certainly did it! 

Jackie Joyner-Kersee gave us our finisher medals! 

Just a little race hardware to add to the collection! 

Not the best time by all means but wasn't the worse either!

Happy Anniversary Brandon Gene! Yes your wife owes you big time!


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