Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Eye Consult For My Pops

October 8, 2015 ~ In 2005 I had Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision. It's something that I am so glad that I did and something I would totally do again today if I could. (My vision is still 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in my other so I can't have it done again) My pops wears glasses and has wore them full time for about 15 years give or take. We have talked about my Lasik surgery and the best part is that you can wear any kind of sunglasses because you don't have a need for prescription glasses/sunglasses anymore.

Two things you need to know about my pops....
1. He loves riding his Harley
2. He's pretty good at drinkin' beer

Ok so there isn't just two things has he is a hard worker, prostate cancer survivor, loves his family, can do anything, loves country music and enjoys visiting with his buddies but the two listed above are the main things! Ha! 

So I take pops and momma to his consultation. First, because of his age they have to do a cataract evaluation. If he passes this then he should be good for Lasik. We get over to the eye place and I help fill out his paperwork - frankly it's faster and I know everything except his social security number and a couple minor questions. As the lady walks us back for a series of tests she says "Jim, I like your hobbies!" Pops looks at me and I just shrug my shoulders.... just being honest! "I think riding a Harley and drinking beer are some of the best hobbies a person could have!" We all laugh and start the tests. Pops does good. 

We move into the next room.... Pops is sitting in the chair and momma and I are sitting across the room next to each other. She puts a clip on patch on his eyeglasses and asks him to read the letters on the chart. No problem and he reads them. Then she leave the patch on the one glass and places another patch on his other glass and asks him to read the letters. At this point momma is trying to be quite says "Now that's ignorant how the heck is he supposed to see anything with two patches on his eyes?" I started laughing.... just then the lady says "Jim, there is a little pin hole to see out of can you read the letters" Truly it was priceless! 

Then she places drops in his eyes to dilate them for the next part of the testing. Pops didn't care for those.  After a few minutes she pulls her chair up to him and says "Look straight at me Jim and follow the light with your eyes" my pops quickly follows up with "I've done this before! You aren't going to arrest me are you?" Oh my gosh.... we all were laughing! (Y'all wonder where I get my craziness from.... I've got two wild and crazy parents!) 

We go to the next room....... Pops says "I hope they don't charge per room" and the lady just laughs. (Pops is kind of a tightwad) The doctor comes in and talks to all of us. Sadly he has the very early start of cataracts which makes him not a candidate for Lasik surgery. He still has great vision and just wanted to fix his eyes so that he didn't have to wear glasses anymore. He is a candidate for refractive lens replacement where they remove the cataract and replace his lens that would give him great vision but when he saw the price of this surgery he said he could have the start of a nice new Harley! Oh pops! So for now he will just stick to what he has until it's bad enough and Medicare will take care of it. I'm glad that he went and feel like they explained everything in detail. It's never a dull moment with those two parents of ours!

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