Thursday, October 1, 2015

A North Dakota Adventure...

September 3, 2015 ~ In our quest to see all of the United States by the time we turn 40 (next year... eek!) we decided that we would take in 3 states we haven't ever been to over Labor Day weekend. We planned this trip just a couple weeks ago and thought we would ask Brandon's mom to join us. Brandon was sure that she would say no but when we asked her you would have thought you just told a kid they were going to Disney World! She was so excited and hasn't flown since 1985. (A lot has changed since 1985)

This morning I call over to her house so that I can double check that she is ready to go 
(aka making sure she will be ready on time or before the scheduled time) ......

Marty: Hello.
Me: Ma'am this is the Spry Express and we just wanted to make sure you will be ready later today!
Marty: {long pause} Um, who is this?
Me: Ma'am this is the Spry Express Taxi Service we just wanted to make sure you will be ready for your scheduled departure.
Marty: {hands the phone to a lady that helps her.... Talking in the background "I don't know who the hell it is and is there a taxi out front?")
Lady that helps her: Hello?
Me: {laughing} it's Michele... her daughter-in-law....
Lady that takes care of her: Marty it's Michele...
Marty: I'm gonna beat you! What about a taxi service?
Me: I just want to know that you are going to be ready when I pick you up today
Marty: Oh my gosh I don't know... I'm a nervous wreck! I gotta get in the shower still! 

Oh dear God please let this woman be ready for our Spry Adventure! (I'm having flash backs to when it took her 4 hours to be presentable when we would come to the farm for dinner) 

 Luckily we were flying from Columbia around 2:00 PM so we had a little time... Of course I tell her we are flying out at 12:00 PM so she was ready! (Let's say I know how to play her game!) 

We booked her flight about 3 days before we left (not knowing if she could go or not) and Brandon decided to sit in her seat so we could sit together. Oh boy! We flew to Dallas, Texas so it was only a little over an hour flight. 

It was easier to get a wheelchair for her because we move to quickly! Thank goodness Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy came to the rescue and loaned us one to make this trip a lot easier on all of us! Thank you Bill Morrisey! (As we were going down the very long and steep jetway Brandon thought he would give Mommy-Dearest a fun ride..... crazy kids!) 

I know it's going to be a great trip... I mean seriously we had a whole little photo shoot just on the plane! Ha! She was so excited to fly on the airplane and said the last time she flew they had cloth seats and you had your own ashtray at your seat... could you imagine if they allowed smoking on the planes today? YUCK! 

We made it to Bismark, North Dakota! 

We finally got Mommy-Dearest all tucked in for the night and wrote down our room number in case she had any problems she could call. (No we weren't about to share rooms with Mommy-Dearest.... we all needed to get some rest because we had a busy day tomorrow!)

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