Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tom T's Final Chemo Treatment!

October 19, 2012 ~ Today was a special day. It was Tom Trabue's 12th and final chemo treatment! As the current chair of our Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors he has done an amazing job of taking care of ribbon cuttings, working and keeping a great attitude while getting his treatments. The Ambassadors are a big family and I can say that we are all very proud of Tom and couldn't wait to  "SPRY-ize" him with a "I'm done with my chemo treatments" party! At your last chemo treatment many staff members surround you and blow horns to celebrate.... I made arrangements with Missouri Cancer Associates so that we could be there to be apart of the horn blowing! We had to be very respectful to the other patients receiving treatment today so the Ambassadors didn't stay long. Tom's doctor knew we were coming over and wanted to have lunch with everyone so he cancelled a standing meeting so that we could have the 2nd floor conference room and celebrate without interrupting everyone else.

"You mean all of this is for me?"

I had worked with Kim, Tom's wife, to make sure she knew what we were going to do and around 11:30 am the Chamber Ambassadors started coming in! Tom was so surprised and happy to see his Ambassadors coming to be apart of a special day! He just couldn't believe that they kept coming through the door! It really was a pretty cool thing to see so many Ambassadors show up for a great guy! 

What was really cool is many of the Ambassadors wore hats.... since we have dubbed this year as "The year of the Hats" because Tom wanted to wear a variety of cool hats during the time he would loose his hair. (It's something he always liked but never thought he could pull off until he was diagnosed with cancer.... I think he looks great in hats!)

Tom is loved by many.....

and thought of highly in our community....

and no one wanted to miss this day....

as it was a huge milestone!

Kim has been an amazing cheerleader for Tom!

Aren't they cute!

Remember how I said we had a party on the 2nd floor... well we all squeezed on one elevator and thank goodness it didn't break! (I think Chris was nervous!)
It really was a great day to celebrate with some amazing people! We all are lucky to have friends and family in our lives that make things like going through chemo just a little easier. We are so proud of you Tom!

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