Monday, November 5, 2012

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience

October 21, 2012 ~ Brandon and I got up at 5:30 am and headed out the door to the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Gateway Racetrack in St. Louis. I had purchased 2 racing packages from Groupon earlier this year and today was the day we were going to use them! We didn't really know what to expect but we did know we would be driving NASCAR's by ourselves!

We got in line and signed all the releases and purchased 4 laps each with a "professional". (I think we were totally professional drivers and could have taken passengers with us doing 170+ mph) We went through a little training session then off to get suited up in our fire suits and helmets! I did not get a picture of this but you can only imagine how cute we looked! Ha! We then got in line to ride with our "professional" which took FOREVER! Finally we climbed in and I told the ol' boy to "Mash it to the metal... I wasn't scared!" It was fun but I was ready to drive! I waited for Brandon to get done with his "professional" drive and we were ready to climb in our cars within about 10 minutes of standing in line.

Once you got in the car and started the engine what a rush! I was ready to see how fast she could go! (Sadly they maxed out at 142 mph but I promise you I had it pegged out many times!) We purchased the videos of us driving. We got 12 laps and the first 2 were pretty boring.... if you speed through the video towards the end it was fun! Best part... hearing them tell the other cars (there are only 6 on the track at once) to "lift and lower" which meant "Get the heck outta her way 'cause she's coming around ya"! It was so much fun that we both want to go again for a longer time and faster cars! If you want to see us in "action" just watch our videos... just forward toward the end and it's better than the beginning!
Brandon's Video

Michele's Video (It will start in a second)

So as if you didn't already know we had a blast! If you have ever thought about doing this and haven't you need to! Until the next race track comes our way we'll be burnin' rubber on the highway!

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