Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2012 ~ We decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner today instead of on Thursday because Ashley, Greg and Jaxon headed to the lake to spend with the Adams family. (Also it makes it easier to do on the weekend since we had to work on Friday) Jaxon was being a little toot so trying to get any pictures of him this year was a miracle! He was patiently waiting to eat!

There's something pretty special about going home to mom and dad's house for a family meal! Mom always fixes the best food... Ham, turkey, homemade dressing, wilted lettuce, noodles, cauliflower & broccoli salad, rolls, green beans, macaroni and cheese and sweet tea! Man there's nothing better than momma's home cookin'!
After lunch little Mr. Cranky Pants was in a pretty good mood.... 
 So I told him to smile and take is binky out.... here's what I got!
 Snowball Fight!
"Where did it go Aunt Shell?"
Fish Face! 
Jaxon is such a little stinker!
Hey Aunt Shell, I'm drinking your sweet tea!
I'm gonna be wired! 

So after lunch Brandon went back up to work on the barn and I ran up to see Ashley's store in New Franklin, MO. Today was her 1 year anniversary and she has recently expanded her store! I am so proud of that girl as her hard work, dedication and passion is paying off! 
She now has the side next to her store and it's starting to look so cute! (Make sure to go up and see her... and if you love cobblers you call ahead and order a fresh homemade one... you won't be disappointed!) 

After a much needed nap for Jaxon we came back over for round 2 of Thanksgiving and they changed holidays... it's now Christmas at mom and dad's! Appears that Jaxon (really my sister) wanted to get the tree put up so they drug everything out! 
Jaxon enjoying a Sugar Loft cupcake.....
He's thinking that was the best dang cupcake ever!
I was in a sugar coma Aunt Shell....
Papa that cupcake was gooood!
What? We have to go home?
Yep... there's the melt down!
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

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