Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mattie Mae

October 23, 2012 ~ Our little Mattie Mae is 14 years old and starting to show signs of getting older. She has been way more active then Max over the years but since we lost Max our Mattie is getting grey, now has a hard time seeing in the mornings when she gets up and is getting deaf. (or is it selective hearing that she has learned from Brandon over the years???)

We noticed that she was really having problems with her hips and not being able to get up very easy over the past few days. So I made her an appointment to see what was going on.

The vet took some x-rays to see what was going on....
Everything seems to be pretty good for her age. She does have an enlarged heart but all the spacing in her spine seems to be pretty good. They gave her some anti-inflammatory and pain meds to see if we could get her doing better. About 5 days of medicine and Mattie was doing great! She is still a little slow at getting up from laying down and if Bailey (our beagle mix who is 11 years old) is a little rough with her it takes her a few minutes to get back up. We know that we won't have her forever but we want her quality of life to be as good as possible while she is here. Thank goodness she's ok!

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