Friday, November 23, 2012

Las Vegas 2012 ~ Day 4

November 17, 2012 ~ Well kids, today's the day we have been waiting for! The Eagles Concert! Since we didn't have to be anywhere until 5:45 pm we decided to check out more of Vegas and see the Mob Museum. We took a taxi over to it and spent a good couple of hours going through the 3 story building which was really neat and interesting.
It was interesting reading all about these guys and seeing the different weapons, uniforms, etc. from that era. When you leave you walk through their gift shop....
These two look really fimiliar.... just sayin'! 
We walked over to Gold and Silver Pawn. You know... Pawn Stars from TV! (We had been there before but thought we would see if they had anything new to look at. 
It was fun... then again it's always fun where ever the Spry's end up! 
The time had come! We went to pick up our VIP & All Access passes for the Eagles concert!
Not only did we get 5th row tickets we were getting the opportunity to meet Joe Walsh!!!! 
We bought our tickets through VIP Nation and they had a pre-concert party including dinner and drinks before the show. They also held a raffle for Eagles items. We couldn't stay for that as we had to get back stage! 
This is Smokey, Joe Walsh's Tour Manager. What a super nice, easy to deal with guy! I can't tell you how we got these "all access passes" however I can tell you the several times I talked to Smokey he was so polite and friendly. Very professional and just all around a top notch guy! So while we were waiting to meet Joe we went to another area to wait. Who walks in the door .... Tony LaRussa! Shut the front door! Brandon leaned over to me to ask if "Do you know..." and by the 4th word I was already over there shaking his hand! Way cool! I am told he is friends with Joe.... Awesome! 
Waiting in the hallway to go into dressing room 4!
Oh my gosh! Joe was so polite and friendly! He was soft spoken and very respectful. I asked him what is his favorite song to play and his answer was Hotel California. (I was surprised because he makes a guitar scream as he plays "Life's Been Good") His 65th Birthday is November 20th so I took him a few birthday cards to celebrate a little early! Super, super nice guy and such a great experience to meet him! 
Concert time! Not really sure why the dude behind us has his shoe off but hopefully the concert will be starting soon! 
It was an amazing concert (as always) and those guys, even in their 40th year together, still sound just like popping a CD in your car! This is the 4th time we have seen them and it never gets old! Truly an awesome band! 
 This is what we got with each ticket... a 2012 tour book, white t-shirt and a black t-shirt plus our VIP lanyards and a Eagles bag.
As we were walking back to our hotel (which was a long walk) we saw this guy on the street. We watched him get kicked and for $20 this dude is nuts! Hope he never wants to reproduce! Geez! 
All in all it was certainly a fun trip! We didn't sleep much but how could you in a city that never sleeps? 

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