Friday, February 11, 2011

My "Alphabet" project....

 An "O" that I found at our property on a fence......

Well as you might have seen in stores lately there are "Alphabet Expressions" that you can purchase. These are random things around that create a letter and you put several together to spell "Welcome" or your last name or whatever you want. After looking at these and the expense of $7.95 per letter I thought it would be fun to create my own "alphabet" using random things here in Midway and around places I travel to! I have gotten a few letters started and it's so hard to drive anywhere without trying to notice and item being a "letter" of some sort.
This is an "I" that I found on a building in downtown Columbia, MO
This is a "C" or a "G" I found at a Doctors Park in Columbia, MO

I have a lot more but you can get the idea.... something that is fun and created by me! If you happen to see some crazy girl pulled over on the side of the road taking's probably me! We are going to go to a few different "little towns" this weekend to see what I can find...... :)

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