Monday, February 21, 2011

Jaxon James Adams

Feb 16, 2011 - Ashley & Greg's life was getting ready to get even better. After 3 long years of trying to have a baby their dream was about to be true. On February 15, 2011 (Uncle B's birthday) Ashley would issue the eviction notice to baby Adams. They checked into Boone Hospital Center at 6:00 pm in room 3.
They would give her meds to soften her cervix thus starting the process. I went over and took pictures of them arriving at the hospital and getting ready. The next morning I went back over so I could spend the day waiting to see my nephew as I had a very important role.... I would be the photographer!
As soon as I walked in the room Ashley's water had broke just a few minutes earlier on it's own. 
 First time Grandma's were super excited to see their grandson!
Good news because he would be ready to enter the world! Things progressed and she would get an epidural around 10:00 am.
 Ashley, Greg & Dr. Kevin Jones
By noon I got the text to come back to the room as she was almost at a 10. We would soon find out that the baby needed to come further down before the "real" pushing would start. Ashley did great!

At 3:47 pm Jaxon James Adams arrived into this world with healthy lungs! 

He was 22 inches long and weighed a whopping 9 lbs! It was an amazing experience and I think everyone should see a child come into this world.... It makes your heart sing! This little boy has brought so much joy to our lives!Once the grandparents heard the news that their grandson was born they were beaming with joy!
 Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Scott Adams
Grandpa Jim & Grandma Marsue Crews

This is one of my favorite photos.... This was our dad meeting his grandson for the first time. (Jaxon's middle name, James, is our dad's first name) Our dad never gets excited about much but his smile says it all!
 This was another favorite... I think Jaxon was trying to talk to Grandpa Crews! I just know he was going to tell him that he just can't wait to come ride on Grandpa's tractor when it warms up outside!
 He has defiantly won Aunt Shell's heart over!

The Adams Family! (snap, snap)

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  1. Congratulations, Auntie! Wonderful narration to a beautiful happy ending (and beginning)! Cute, cute!!