Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Want To Be Someone's Fitspiration....

November 8, 2015 ~ Anyone that has read my blog will see that this year has been full of completing several live and virtual races. My original goal for this year was to complete 15 5k's in 2015 but this sounds too simple for me so I decided that my goal of this would be (5) 5k's would be in Columbia, MO, (5) 5k's would be in surrounding towns outside of Columbia, MO and (5) 5k's would be out of state. In true Michele Spry fashion this would be easy and fun until I was turned on to virtual races by Jacki Swank!
We have all said it or even heard it. You know... the "I need to loose some weight" conversation. When I heard this multiple times from both my momma and my sister it was time to help. No need to join a gym and not ever go or starve yourself just to loose a few pounds. Instead we began a walking regimen and would pledge to walk every night. This started back in July 2015 and we began to recruit several ladies from my sisters neighborhood to join in on this nightly adventure. I am certainly not a runner however if I ever complete a race on my own I would push myself to try for a great time or simply to know that I still had it in me to do my best. Since my mom and sister are not runners we would take a different approach and take these nightly opportunities to walk and talk. It not only made walking fun but it kept us focused while allowing almost anyone to join us. The goal was to walk 3.1 miles, a 5k, and while we weren't fast we would get-it-done! Would this simple routine alone make the pounds fall off? Absolutely not, but it's a great start!

I did a blog post on Virtual Races and tried my best to explain them and you can see it here:

 Do the medals really mean anything? Not at all however it is a way to give back to many great charities and those medals become a reminder that you are doing your part to help while doing something good for yourself. The best part of becoming more active is that I get to spend time with two people that I absolutely love with my whole heart... my momma and my sister! 

This past Sunday in the Columbia Daily Tribune there was a story in the Pulse Section. This story was written by Lifestyle Editor Caroline Dohack who overheard me telling someone that I wanted to do 40 5k's next year for my 40th Birthday. She asked me more about this and I was honored that she would write about me. In life we do most things for a reason or a purpose. Next year as I begin my new age bracket (I won't turn 40 until August 2nd) I want 2016 to be a memorable and purposeful year really thinking about things I do and organizations I support. 
(Yes I have already warned my momma and my sister - LOL!)

 While this year I got a little crazy with the virtual races next year will be crazy too! Not only will I complete 40 5k's next year we will hopefully cross off "Seeing the United States" as well. Currently Brandon and I have 11 states left to visit on this wild adventure that started a few years back. It's my way of squeezing in my goal of traveling while I drag him along! What happens after we see all of the United States one might ask? We will focus on a few places we would like to go back and visit and stay a little longer. (Many of our travels have us taking in multiple states in a very short amount of time - just long enough to see things and possibly want to go back. We have no desire to ever go overseas or out of country but certainly won't say we will never. (We have been to Mexico twice)  I just wanted to make memories with Brandon and see what all our United States had to offer. I feel as if I couldn't fully appreciate our country if I didn't embrace every state. It has forced us to see states that we wouldn't normally visit but the really cool part of that is there is something fun, interesting/unique and educational in every single state! 

I know it seems crazy crossing off some hefty items on my bucket list and although I certainly don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon this seems like the best time. We don't have kids, we both work and we are in good health. When we get older and think about retiring (many years down the road) who says we will have money, have good health or that the world is safe enough to travel?  I want to see these things now and always hold those memories and pictures for a lifetime. Do I recommend creating debt to cross things off your bucket list? Absolutely not! Do what you can afford and set a goal for yourself and try to reach it. Sometimes you will and sometimes you won't but you certainly can't try if you don't have something to set your eyes on. 

It's just like walking. I hear so many excuses and I do know we are all busy. 
News Flash: You have to make time. 

I hate the thought of joining a gym.
Great then don't! While some people need the gym to help them reach their fitness goals with friends, fitness trainers and even classes many don't. Step outside your office and/or your house/apartment... that's the biggest gym at your finger tips and it doesn't cost a dime! You can ride a bike, walk, hike, swim, jog or dance your way to a healthy lifestyle!

What if you walked one mile every single day? By committing to this goal you have just done so much for your body because you choose to become active. You might even find yourself walking more than a mile or possibly trying to jog/run! Remember: A 16-minute mile is still the same as a 6-minute mile.

I hate the thought of putting on work out clothes.
Great then don't! Wear something that you are comfortable in. It's not about everyone else and what they think it's simply about you! In the beginning it will be tough but within a couple weeks you will gladly put on something even more comfortable. There is no need to purchase new shorts, tank tops, etc. all you need is a loose pair of shorts or pants (heck I wear jeans a lot of times in the cooler temps) and a t-shirt.... oh and a comfy pair of tennis shoes.... you want your feet comfortable! This isn't a fashion show it's about getting active. 

I don't have anyone to walk with me.
Great then get out there anyway! While it's always easier to have someone or even several someone's with you don't let that be your excuse holding you back. You are doing this for you. Often times I have gone to the mall and walked which is safe and easier if I am by myself. Get creative on how you can still get your daily goal. 

I have health issues that won't allow me to walk far.
No problem! Do the best you can and if you set a goal and it takes several breaks to get it done then you do the best you can! Just taking the time to try and be active with any obstacles that might be in your way is a huge. Be proud and don't give up! 

You have a ton of energy and I want to be as active as you are.
Well sugars, every single person is different. While it's great to set goals try to set realistic goals that you can reach and then set new goals. The best part of life is that we are all uniquely different (I mean if we were all the same it would be boring) and I will say that I love the different qualities that we bring out in each other. While my energy level is high it doesn't mean that I don't struggle with keeping focused and active as well. I push myself all the time but one of these days I suppose I will wake up and my body will be like "Oh no you aren't pushing me today!" Hopefully that won't be for a long while but while you set these goals you also need to listen to your body. If you don't take care of you then how can you expect to encourage others?

Bottom line is that it takes all of us to encourage one another to do our best each and every day. While some days I need motivation from others then other days I give motivation. Life is about give and take while having balance. No matter who your inspiration comes from hug them and do your best to inspire others!

Now get outside and enjoy the day!

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