Monday, November 2, 2015

Every Boob Counts Virtual 5k

October 31, 2015 ~ Another fun virtual 5k for Breast Cancer Awareness! (I mean tell me the logo / finisher medal isn't cute) This race (including the virtual option) was put on by The EBC Foundation!
My sister and I went to the Columbia Mall to knock a couple virtual races out this morning since it was cold and rainy outside. (Yep, it's what happens when you over commit and get finisher medal happy.... you forget what you have signed up for and end up with three races on the same day! Ha!
It was fun getting to hang out with her while people watching.... let me just tell you.... there are a lot of people to watch on Halloween at the Columbia Mall!  I do have to say the little kids were adorable and there was a good amount of teens/adults that dressed up too! 
Nice job Ashley! Another virtual race in the books! 


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