Monday, November 2, 2015

"I Ain't Afraid" Virtual 10k

October 31, 2015 ~ Ok so if you read the last post you will know that my sister and I went to the Columbia Mall to knock a couple virtual races out. Well one of those races was a 10k! Yep, 6.2 miles around the main footprint inside the mall.... sounds fun doesn't it! I will say it's not fun but it's a heck of a lot warmer and the people watching is so much better! Ha!

This virtual race was put on by Virtual Events / MoonJoggers! To celebrate Halloween, and bring awareness to Breast Cancer, we hosted a virtual 5K & 10K because they want to show breast cancer that "WE AIN’T AFRAID!" This event did sell out but they are donating at least $4 from every registration to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

I can honestly say after 2 1/2 hours of walking at the mall this girl could tell you just about where every store in the mall was located! (Spotted several cute outfits while passing by the windows multiple times but my favorite "window look" has to be Alter'd State... super cute!) 

I was glad to do this race and love how they blended Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness - Hopefully one of these days Breast Cancer will be something of the past and not something many women will ever deal with in the future.

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