Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dragon Dash 5k & Color Vibe 5k - 2 in a Day!

April 11, 2015 ~ A friend of mine, Jacki Swank, told me about the 3rd Annual Dragon Dash 5k and that it benefited Derby Ridge Elementary School.... she might have said it also had a little hardware at the end so I figured why not! (I wasn't doing anything special except sleeping in so sneaking a little fitness in never hurt anyone right?!?!) I love supporting local things so this was going to be fun!

These little chicken legs were ready to run! 

I really loved the messages along the way....
and I'm not gonna lie... I don't know if I ran like a dragon but I gave it all I had! 

Woo Hoo!!!
I just knocked out my 5th 5k of 2015! 

3rd Annual Dragon Dash 5k
Columbia, MO 
Time: 37:18

Roni and I had signed up for the Color Vibe 5k in Jefferson City, MO and it was time to have a little fun! The color races always bring in a good crowd because these people know how to party! 

It's time to get the pre-party started! 
Loud music...check! 
People watching.... you bet! 

Finally we got started! 
I will have to say that Jefferson City, MO has to be the hilly-est place ever! My goodness! 
Roni did great and pushed through when we needed to get going!

 It really was a lot of fun... messy of course but still a blast! 
The staff and volunteers were awesome!

We did it! 
We finished this race in 40:20 which is better than our first 5k! 
(Never give up!) 

So maybe I don't have a future in giving make-up advise but completing my 6th 5k was worth it! 

The Color Vibe 5k
Jefferson City, MO
Time: 40:20

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