Thursday, June 25, 2015

50th Annual ACM Awards - Day 2

April 17, 2015 ~ Well it's day 2 of Dallas, Texas y'all! Over the next couple of days we are gonna have some serious fun.... I mean look at those tickets.... they are taller than me! ACM Party For A Cause and the 50th Annual ACM Awards... it's gonna be awesome!

First stop was a little breakfast...
Y'all that know me would understand I don't just eat a normal breakfast....
I found me some doughnuts! Oh yes I did! 

On our walk back to the hotel Gene found some new friends....

Somehow I ran in front of a cattle drive....
Run Michele, Run!
Momma you be careful... That ol' boy is lookin' at you!

Next up was The Sixth Floor Museum
Momma checking out where Lee Harvey Oswald shot
President John F. Kennedy from the book depository window. 

Outside the book depository building.

The "x" in the road is one of the deadly shots to President Kennedy's car.
Look at this crazy girl...
Standin' right in the middle of a busy street! 
The book depository from a distance.
If you get to Dallas you should go through this museum.

Next up was a little lookin' around in Wild Bill's! 
Oh I like these blingy boots....
$1,399.00 guess I'm out! 
These boots are kinda fun....
but not for $2,925.00!

This is ol' B! 
(I love that man!)

Time to check out another western store...

Well hello handsome....
Give me a little kiss sugar....
{insert sounding of police alarms}
"Ma'am... please step away from the cowboy..."

So on the opposite side of the store...
I found a pair of boots I want...
Ok so I found two pair I really want....

But how do you know if they are good boots?
Dance in them! Ha! 

Meanwhile back at the hotel...
Redneck coolers! 

Found me a couple bottles of J.R. Ewing to add to our collection!

The guys were getting ready to head out to the ACM Party For The Cause.....
This is how Gene gets ready to party! 
If you don't see the video you can click the link below to watch
 We'll see you boys in a bit! 
I've got something fun for the girls and I to do before we meet up with you....

So I took it upon myself to sign these to ladies up for a 5k.... 
When they found out it was a Electric Zombie Run held at night.... 
You should have heard the things that came out of their mouth! 
Thanks Kate Stull for capturing this awesome moment of what they will expect!

It's time for a Zombie Run 5k!!!
Momma and Shelly weren't really up for this but I think we laughed 
enough they were ready to get it done and over with!

Look at those smiles! 
(There were several cuss words and nearly running me over to
get out of the way but all in all they were troopers!) 

Finished just in time! 
(Within the next 2-3 minutes there would be a heck of a rain storm!)

The best part of the rain storm is that we didn't miss any of the ACM Party For A Cause!
 We got there just in time and found the boys just as Sara Evans and Darius Rucker were singing "Jackson"!

They would be recording "Duets" for an airing on TV for May 15, 2015
Because they were making sure it was perfect many of the country music stars had to sing the songs twice and the rain had messed up the whole schedule so some of the stars didn't get to come out at all. I'm glad that we didn't miss any of this but sure wished the rain had stayed away!

By looking at my fitbit it looks like we put in a pretty good day! 
Although we didn't get in until late it was so much fun and we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.... No worries as there won't be any zombies after tonight!

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