Tuesday, June 30, 2015

50th Annual ACM Awards!

April 19, 2015 ~ Today is the big day! Being able to attend the 50th Annual ACM Awards is something I have wanted to do for a few years and I can't believe we are actually here! The best part is being here with Brandon, my momma, Gene and Shelly DeVore! I've been looking forward to this day for a whole year! (You had to get your tickets a year in advance)

 Since we got in late last night we just took our time getting up today which meant that we waited to eat until lunch! Figured we would have a good lunch and then relax a little before heading to the awards show. We love beef and Saltgrass Steak House was going to fix our hunger....

and Gene's thirst!
(Pretty sure our waitress didn't get up early enough to deal with us today!)

Cowboy Gene shows us his mad fiddlin' skills!
It's how we roll in Dallas, Texas! 

Momma always told me to be nice to people so I was tryin' to be friendly to the locals...
You know....just letting them know I was in town! Ha! 

We headed back to the hotel to chill out and take our time getting ready to take the shuttle to ATT Stadium. It was kind of nice to have a little down time and catch a little nap!
I am so glad we got the shuttle option for this trip. Being able to fully enjoy this without having to worry about which highways/roads to take and trying to find parking was awesome.  Pulling up to ATT Stadium was so exciting and we couldn't wait to get inside!

The Academy of Country Music Awards put an awesome video together so that we could see how everything was transformed from a football stadium to the place that would hold the 50th Annual ACM Awards! Truly amazing to watch!

 Walking inside and seeing this massive place was so awesome! We made it to our seats and it finally sunk in that we were actually here for the 50th Annual ACM Awards and they were doing it big... Texas big! The smiles on our faces were just as big!
(Sadly they wouldn't allow cameras in the show so we could only use our cell phones... dang it!)

Time to get a few pictures out of the way......
Brandon, Momma and I! 
The girls... ready to get this party started! 
The Spry's!
The DeVore's! 
 Momma and I!

We headed to find something to eat and drink before the show got started!
Nachos and a chocolate cupcake! Yum!
 (If you weren't in your seat while the show was going on you would have to wait until the next break... and we weren't gonna miss any part of this event!)  

This is one of my favorite pictures of us and a perfect reminder of an incredible trip!

A few highlights from this evening.....
Awesome performance by Garth Brooks! 

Loved "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town! 

It was great seeing Randy Travis at this event. I was tweeting (along with Shelly DeVore) and the really cool thing is that my tweet about Randy Travis was picked up by E! Online.... pretty awesome!

It was really cool to here them recognize Clear 99 (our local radio station) for Radio Station of the Year Small Market! Proud to be a Clear 99 listener and supporter! 

Unfortunately you just can't get good pictures with a cell phone and I know I keep saying this was an awesome trip but it was worth every moment! 

It's hard to believe it's over but what a really cool experience with some wonderful people! 
 We even helped break a Guinness World Record with the most people attended at a live awards show.... yep all 70,252 of us! 

Awesome night and a trip of a lifetime! 
Dallas, Texas... you were a blast...until next time! 


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