Monday, June 29, 2015

50th Annual ACM Awards - Day 3

April 18, 2015 ~ First stop of the day was to grab some lunch! We heard from Matt and Tami McCormick that we needed to stop and eat at Chuy's Fresh Tex-Mex.... so here we are!

Everyone was happy and laughing....
that was until I got the bill. 
When these two clowns realized their "Mom and Dad" unhappy 
faces didn't phase me they tried a different face.....
Well Shelly kept the "Unhappy mom face" going 
but Gene Lee was totally laughing! 
(These pictures crack me up)

Then it escalated to this.... 
We have been known to run through a restaurant kitchen to make sure we get the bill....
Such children and I'll sorry if you have been somewhere and we have done this....
If he would just let me have the dang bill it wouldn't come to this! Ha!

If you can't see the video you can click the link below

We decided to stop by another western store....

I mean a girl can never have enough pair of boots right?!?!

 We ended up getting Brandon a pair of cowboy boots! 
He normally wears hiking style work boots that lace up so these are going to take a little getting used to but I think once he gets them broke in he will love them! (That's the worst part to any pair of boots is getting them broke in but after that look out... they are awesome!!!)

Then Gene and Shelly decided they needed to dance... 
These little love birds are so cute!

If you can't see the video you can click on the link below to view it

On our next stop we missed the driveway so we turned around in the parking lot and found this cool painting. It didn't really look super safe but I got out to snap a quick picture....
At which time I found that our rental car had been hit while we were in the last western store. Ain't that something! Thank goodness for taking out full coverage insurance!
In order to get to Western World we had to drive the wrong way up a one way street that was also a exit ramp.... Brandon is an excellent driver and we were completely safe but we weren't the only people who missed their driveway and then laughed about it in the parking lot with them! 

So the sign on the door said "Free beer and bar-b-que" so I grabbed a cute little salesman and told him I was here for the free beer.When he asked me what kind I wanted I grabbed him by the arm and said I'll just go with you so you don't get lost! Ha! 

After lots of laughs it was time to head to the hotel to get ready for tonight's ACM Party For A Cause! We weren't gonna miss tonight's performances and would be on time! 

Just havin' a little fun! 

Well we had to stop by the Mary Kay booth...

Our gang ready to get the gates opened so we could get our seats! 
(First come first serve and we wanted under the concrete canopy)
Sportin' a pair of new kicks! 
I love these babies! 

Momma and Shelly patiently waiting...
Gene's a star! Ha! 

While we were waiting I got hungry for some nachos so who knew that while waiting in the long nacho line I would end up in an argument with a drunk heifer that wanted to cut the line because she didn't want to walk her butt to the back of the line. She most certainly got me fired up and I wasn't going to back down. I said a lot of not nice things and several cuss words which is not normally my style but I was in no mood to deal with an idiot! When she looked at me and said "Oh my God are you yelling at me in public? Should I call security?" I told her (cleaned up for all audiences) to take her butt to the back of the line as we have all been waiting and go ahead and get security coming because she was going to need it if she kept running her mouth... Freaking idiot! 
(This is why I don't drink very often because I can't stand mouthy drunks)
Any who.... back to a happy place.....

They didn't allow good cameras in this event so sadly we could only get pictures with our smart phones.... really sucked but what an awesome experience to be there for this! 

Finally they opened the gates and we made it!
Now let's get this party started! 
Everything was going good until this storm started blowing in...
It was getting crazy and they were calling for a tornado, large hail and strong winds with this storm. They made everyone get off the field and take shelter. We were in the best place for a storm to hit so there wasn't any reason for us to move! 
We had momma protected too! 
Ain't never been somewhere when they use the big screens to show weather but kind of cool since there wasn't great cellular signal.
If you notice all of the flags are completely still....

If you don't see the video please click the link below
Another view.... Panoramic style!

This super cute little boy was our entertainment as we waited for the storm to pass and music to resume. He was so adorable and little dude had some energy! Ha!
If you can't see the video above click on the following link:
Finally the weather broke and we got back to the concert! 
I had no idea that Patty Loveless and Miranda Lambert were good friends. 
They sang a song together that they wrote called "Dear Diamonds"....

If you can't see the video you can click on the link below:

 Always good to see Alan Jackson!
I gotta give mad props to Keith Urban... This guy was awesome! There was a great line up of artists however the storm that blew in kept many of them from coming out to sing but Keith Urban put on a heck of a concert to make it worth our while sitting out there waiting patiently for the storm to pass. What a great guy and a heck of a guitar player! Thank you Keith for staying and playing for the fans!

This was such a fun night even if it did storm like crazy but I keep tellin' y'all... it's never a dull moment with the Spry's! This is certainly a trip to remember and Gene sums it up for us....
Now someone get that boy another beer! Ha! 

Good night y'all! 

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