Thursday, June 25, 2015

50th Annual ACM Awards - Day 1

April 16-20, 2015 ~ Being able to cross off a huge bucket list item of going to the 50th Annual ACM Awards in Dallas, Texas is an awesome feeling! This is something I have wanted to do for several years and after watching the ACM's last year they made an announcement that this year would be huge and I knew we were going to go! The really cool thing is that I tricked a couple of our friends, Gene and Shelly DeVore into going and of course Martha.... like she really had a choice! Ha!

This wild and crazy bunch jumped on a plane in Columbia, Missouri and headed South to Dallas, Texas and we are wondering who was calling to warn them that we are on the way!?!?

First stop on this trip (after breakfast) was none other than South Fork Ranch! Yep, you guessed it.... This place was made famous by JR Ewing and the cast of a famous show from back in the late 70's to the early 90's called Dallas! There wasn't a whole lot of filming at this place however the famous part was the outside as it was seen throughout the show.

After a quick tour of the land it was time to take a tour of the house!
I think we could be part of the next Dallas cast! Ha!
Waitin' on the two Michele's....
Our two "studs" at the stud barn....
J.R. Ewing
"The only deal he ever lost"

I'm so glad we stopped here as it was fun to see a place that was famous by a show that we all watched when we were younger. If you ever go to Dallas you have to make a trip to South Fork!

Since we were into the famous TV shows we figured we better stop by Gas Monkey Garage! Hopefully we would get a chance to see Richard Rawlings and the crew!

Anyone need any new under britches??

This look is... "Who the {insert bad word here} is Richard Rawlings and what are we gonna do with a Greased Monkey??" (This girl right here is a hot mess)

They said that Richard and the crew should be back from lunch soon....
So we waited out by the fence for them!
Richard is here....

Such a nice guy!
Yep... he knows I'm crazy! Ha!
If y'all get a chance to stop by and visit them you should!

Next stop was one of those that you see this place out of the corner of your eye and say "Oh heck yes we are!" Next up... a little need for speed!

I'm not 100% sure what she is saying but clearly I am trying to get buckled in.
here we go y'all! 2nd place is 1st looser!

Next track was the slick track!
Um... sugar I don't think you are supposed to go sideways!

Third and final's about to get real!
3 runs may the best racer win!

Oh my goodness that was a rush! 
If you can't see the video up above you can click on the link below to watch

After three passes this was the winner line up!

It was finally time to grab a little dinner!
 If you haven't ever ate at Cattlemen's in Dallas, TX you are missing out!
It's so good and a must if we are ever in/near the Dallas area!

We checked out a really cool store across the street from Cattlemen's. 
If only I had an endless supply of money and a couple 18-wheelers! Ha!
(Beautiful unique items in here for sure)

After an excellent dinner we waddled down to the Fort Worth Stock Yards.
Momma and Brandon sat down while Gene walked it out ....
and us crazy girls took pictures! 
We call this... "Selfie in a Selfie"
Don't squat with yer spurs on! 
I would hate to meet the cowboy that wears this belt buckle! 

Next stop was the famous Billy Bob's! 

Miranda Lambert...
Blake Shelton....
Gene Watson....
Loretta Lynn...
Of course the most famous girls.... Momma and Shelly! 

Next up the boys were going to try and win us a couple Texas style cowboy hats!

If you don't see the video you can click on the link below to watch it:

What a freaking blast!
The best part was there was already one in the hopper so we ended up with 3 of them!
So. Much. Fun.

After an eventful day it was time to get checked into the hotel!
Now this is what this trip is all about! 
Night y'all!

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