Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Warm Springs Ranch Tour

March 22, 2015 ~ We have wanted to tour Warm Springs Ranch for a couple years but just couldn't find the time. We have heard some wonderful things about this beautiful facility and couldn't wait to check it out with the family! I was so excited to get tickets a few weeks ago when I saw on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/warmspringsranch ) that March 21, 2015 was their opening for 2015!

 We loaded up in the car and headed to 87 Diner in Boonville, MO for breakfast! 
(Yep, it's one of our favorite little places to go on the weekends!) 

This wild and crazy bunch were ready for our tour!

 Driving up to this beautiful barn was amazing! 
I thought our barn was pretty but this bad boy is awesome! 

As you make your way down the long driveway you drive past this 15' foot tall "W" that was from the St. Louis Brewery when they removed the letters to install fancy new LED lighted sign in January 2013. The "W" was chosen for Warm Springs Ranch. 

We finally made it to the front entrance!

Just waiting for everyone else to get here to get our tour started! 

We had two awesome tour guides that talked about the history, this facility and the life of the Budweiser Clydesdale's. They were very knowledgeable and it's interesting to see how things are handled here including birthing and raising future Budweiser Clydesdale's! 

This handsome stud thought we were all there to see him! 
Such a show off!

These two girls were very much pregnant.
A typical pregnancy for a Clydesdale is roughly 340 days... 
these girls are really close to having their babies.

Now it's time to meet a celebrity....
This is one of the newest celebrities of the Budweiser Clydesdale's....
(I know the nameplate says "Duke" but Andrew was using his space while Duke was getting a bath so we could take pictures with him later in the tour)

Andrew was such a ham! 
I tried to get a good picture of him and this is what I got! 
(Notice him sticking out his tongue... silly boy!) 

So how is he their most recent celebrity???
Well, do you remember the "Puppy Love" commercial that Budweiser aired for the 2015 Super Bowl...... Well this handsome boy had a main acting role!

If the video doesn't show you can click on the following link below:

We had a great group on our tour!

Here's Duke getting groomed so he can get ready to take pictures with us!
Such a handsome boy!

Can you imagine how high class these beautiful creatures travel....

Now it's time to see some babies!
This adorable baby was born on March 21, 2015

Below is a video of this cutie and he/she hasn't mastered laying down just yet!

It must have been our lucky day because there was another baby.....
 This little wild child was born on March 18, 2015!

This one figured out how to run and was showing all of us!
If the video doesn't play you can click the link below to watch:

I think Jaxon enjoyed the tour.
As you can see he has a Clydesdale of his own to take home!

The Spry's with Duke! 

I would highly recommend taking a tour. Although they didn't have much for the kids to do they had plenty of Clydesdale's to see! They do pass around a horse shoe so that everyone can see how big their feet are! It's pretty cool that they choose Boonville, MO for their breeding facility and that they open it up for tours. Get your tickets today and see this beautiful place! 

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