Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Las Vegas Day 1 - Ghost Hunt in Goodsprings!

March 5, 2015 ~ It's always exciting heading to Las Vegas especially since this would be our first time going to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for NASCAR! We have been to Las Vegas 8 times and I really struggled with things for us to do (yes I am a planner) but have no fear.... I think this will be a fun trip!

After arriving in Las Vegas we caught a shuttle to our hotel. (If you have a little time and depending on when you arrive in Las Vegas taking a shuttle to your hotel is far cheaper than taking a taxi or limo....just sayin') The nice part about this trip is that Bellagio invited us to stay for free, gave us $50 in food credit, $100 in free play and I only had to buy one plane ticket as Brandon flies free where ever I go when using Southwest Airlines so it seemed like a perfect reason to head to Vegas!

While I was searching for things to do for this trip I found a Ghost Hunt in Goodsprings which is about 25 minutes from Las Vegas! We haven't ever done a ghost hunt so we were excited to check it out! We got picked up from Royal Resort just off the Las Vegas strip and shuttled out to the Pioneer Saloon. This place has a lot of cool history and it was interesting learning about this 102 year old saloon as well as those spirits that haunt this place!

The main area and bar....

 The side room where we listened to stories and ate pizza...
Outside the Pioneer Saloon....
Goodsprings General Store... I loved this big green scale!

News paper reads "Joe Armstrong shoots to death one Paul Coski"
June 1913 at this very table in the other room and bullet holes are still visible.
With a very full moon we began walking around the town checking out the old buildings using EVP's and other paranormal devices to see if we could talk to any spirits.
It was fun but I wish we could have came back during the day to see this place!
Interested in taking the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt in Las Vegas then here's the details of where and who to buy your tickets from! Our tour guides were awesome!

So many of you ask me how do we get free stuff all the time and here's the simple answer....
We signed up for M-Life which is exclusive to the MGM properties. This is something you sign up for completely free and as you enjoy hotel stays, dinning, entertainment and spa services you will earn benefits. (You can also earn points when gambling if that is your thing) You can learn more about M-Life by visiting/enrolling here: https://www.mlife.com/

We also signed up for Southwest Rapid Rewards, which is completely free, to earn points when we fly. Then several years ago we applied for a Southwest credit card and earned 50,000 rapid rewards points. (I know most people don't like to use credit cards but if you are going to have a credit card then get one that gives you something back.) We enjoy flying Southwest Airlines because of their customer service, no baggage fees and cities they offer flights to so this made the most sense for us to have their card. Our business also has a Southwest card that is linked to our rapid rewards number so  every dollar spent we earn rewards points that can be used to purchase future flights. By using Southwest Rapid Rewards/Southwest credit card we earned companion pass so that Brandon (or 2 other people of my choice but only one at a time) can fly for free where ever I go! This makes going on vacation a lot cheaper when you don't have to pay for airfare!
You can visit / enroll by visiting Southwest Airlines website at: https://www.southwest.com/rapidrewards/overview?clk=GSUBNAV-RR-DETAILS

If you don't have a Southwest Rapid Rewards number and have flown Southwest Airlines in the last 12 months you can enroll in the Rapid Rewards program then call them to get points from past flights! (You will need confirmation numbers from past flights when calling)

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