Tuesday, March 10, 2015


March 6, 2015 ~ Today was going to be a fun day in Las Vegas! I had lined up a fun event this afternoon... an Air Combat Flying Experience! We were going to fly planes and were super excited but first things first....it's time for some NASCAR! Las Vegas Motor Speedway is one track we haven't visited yet but that's about to change!

The Spry's have arrived y'all! 
#19 Carl Edwards
I really liked this track! They had an awesome place to walk up above to see everything going on after checking things out on the ground level. You could actually look through the glass roof to see the team working on the cars down below. I wish more tracks would have something like this!
We checked out the Neon Garage area.... a great place for fans to visit! 

I didn't get a chance to grab a picture with Carl (I want a new one with his new race team/number) but I did get to say hi to him. He's a busy guy and I try not to bother him too much but I did get to catch up with his PR guy, Randy. It was so awesome to see that Randy got to stay with Carl and his recent move to Joe Gibbs Racing as he really is a super nice guy. I gave him one of my "Thank You For Your Service" American Flag challenge coins as he served in the Air Force. He was surprised but appreciative for that! 

Brandon got to get a quick picture with Danica... 
You have to be quick on your feet cause that girl is fast! 

It was time for our Air Combat Flight Experience!
We got picked up from our hotel and shuttled out to Sky Combat Ace where we would go through  some basic training and then get suited up for our flights! So exciting! 

 After a fun little photo session I was ready to get geared up with a parachute and strapped in this bad dog! We would travel to the Hoover Dam, fly 2' above the Colorado River then would began the aerobatics in air! This was freaking amazing and such an adrenaline rush! Flight time would have been a little over an hour and Brandon and I would get to dog fight each other before heading back but sadly we both got sick! (Brandon got sick just a few minutes in the air once they flipped him upside down.) My pilot allowed me to fly the plane and after showing me each of the aerobatic moves allowed me to give them a try.... You will see in the following video that the very last one got me as it was called the hammer. You would fly straight up in the sky then the plane would begin flying backwards almost killing the engine. The cabin filled with a diesel like fuel smell that took my breath away. It was my turn to try the hammer and by this point I needed a little while to get my bearings straight and get over the sick feeling then we must have hit our fuel streak because the smell came back and I couldn't take it. I told him that we should head on back because I was done! He was really nice and apologized for making me sick and if I could do it all over again I would minus the "hammer" maneuver!

This is my regular video!

This is a video showing the telemetries so you can see the +/- G Force!

 Brandon was excited to do this experience but I had my doubts with his vertigo. All fun and games until they flipped him upside down! When you watch his video you can tell he immediately doesn't feel good and ends up getting sick (not shown in the video of course). He missed out on all the fun stuff like flying low over the Colorado River including the flips and turns in the air and of course the dog fighting! Dang! 

So much for dinner plans as we both felt like crap so we were in bed by 6:00 PM! Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

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