Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training 2015 - Day 2!

May 13, 2015 ~  Brandon and I had some time this morning to check out some sights while Tom and the guys had some things to do. Trying to come up with some things to do in an area I haven't been to is sometimes tricky but we managed to see a few things!

Our first stop was to see a beach in Lantana!
It was very pretty but dang it was windy... 
you got a good sand blasting as you walked down the beach!
I picked up several shells and brought them back.
These are Portuguese man-o-wars that were all over the beach.
(You don't ever want to touch or pick them up as they can sting you)
What you lookin' at Willis?!?!
Loved seeing a little love for the Hickman Kewpies in Florida! 
Purple and Gold! 
 Actually the flags were telling you different beach warnings...

We drove down the A1A to see some of the big houses...
These houses were huge! You didn't see many because they were behind huge fences or shrubs but we got a few glimpses of some of them. Makes you wonder what these people do for a living or if this is a second or third home.... certainly beautiful!
We checked out another beach on the way! 

We headed back to Tom's place to see if they were ready to go get something to eat! 
The guys weren't done with work so Brandon and I headed down to check out their pool and beach!
This is their gated community pool... what a view!
Brandon and I decided to take a walk to see if we could find any shells!
This guy kept watching us... 
I thought he just wanted his picture taken! 
It was a beautiful view and so much calmer walking on this inter coastal beach! 
 Check out this place just across from where we were standing... 
Wonder how much that thing is worth!
This little sucker scared the crap outta me as we were walking in the driveway! 
I do not like these fast moving little critters!

So we finally headed out to get something to eat and landed at Flanigan's! 
As you know, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner but these people were ready to party!
You could tell this was a really fun place and the key lime pie was so yummy! 

We walked across the street from Flanigan's to check out Deerfield Beach!
Just a small panoramic view... 

We decided to check out the Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier... all 980' of it! 
This little feller was hanging out at the very end of the pier and was watching me watching him! 
After his little photo shoot he was going to show off for us while enjoying a little wind therapy! 
(Sorry for the crazy noise ... the wind was something else)
Here's a link to the video if it doesn't pop up:

The Spry's... just a little wind blown! 
The beach view from the pier!
The guys making their way back down the pier.

A new GMC Denali.... boy they really changed the body style of this ride! 
(Never knew they had a GMC Denali bike... thought those were SUV's!)
I slipped into a little shop to find a t-shirt and saw these ol' boys just hangin' around! 

We ended the night with visiting Boston's and a little live music.
(I'm not a Boston Red Socks fan but it was pretty cool how they had all kinds of memorabilia throughout the place)

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