Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training 2015 - Day 3!

March 14, 2015 ~ Since I was in Florida I figured I would knock out another 5k! As you know, my goal is to do 15 5k's in 2015 (5 out of state, 5 out of Columbia, MO  and 5 in Columbia, MO) so I figured why not! I signed up a couple months ago and today's the day!

I wasn't sure exactly where the race would be held so I got there a little earlier than I needed but I got to see the sunrise! I was worried when I picked up my race packet and they gave us black long sleeve shirts to run in....
This race was the 39th Annual Shamrock Run!
(So this race and I are the same age... crazy!)
I completed the 5k in 38:36 which wasn't too bad for me.
It was hot and humid but the track was flat. It was cool to see so many people participating and as I took this picture the first person from the 10k was crossing the finish line! 

It was fun and I pushed myself which is always good!

Here's a video of the 10k runners... we had to wait for them to go past our starting point
If the video doesn't play you can click on the following link below

After the race I drove back to our hotel, got cleaned up and we headed to Tom's place to pick up the guys! (After all we were there to see our St. Louis Cardinals!)
I was excited to see Molina was on the starting line-ups for today's game!

While I was waiting for the guys and looking at the tables of auction items a girl comes up to me with a strange question... Her best friend is going to throw out the first pitch and then her boyfriend is going to propose to her and would I be willing to take a few photos while this is happening and e-mail them to her when I got back home. Well, y'all know me... I love stuff like this! I went down on the front row and told a couple what I was doing... they were totally on board to make sure we got some good pictures for them.... they said anything for a Cardinals fan! 
This is Mandy waiting patiently with her boyfriend getting ready to throw out the first pitch....
After Mandy threw out the first pitch she headed over to home plate....
her boyfriend, Jason was quickly behind her to get into place....
Hey Mandy... we all want to know.... Will you marry him???
She said YES!
Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

Now let's play ball boys!
After this view it was time to upgrade our seats.....
 Brian needed a quick beverage.... Are you cheating on your beer man? LOL!
This is a nice view but I think we can do better....
Seats behind home plate....Yep this is perfect!
It's another hot day at the ballpark....
and look who we ended up sitting across the isle from....
It's the St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak!
Tom grabbed a picture with him too!

Sadly the Cardinals lost to the Twins.

The guys wanted to head back to the house before going out to dinner later this evening so Brandon and I went to check out The Breakers - Palm Beach
 We were told this is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) hotel in Florida
 Really cool looking hotel.... you could tell it was very expensive!

Lots of expensive cars out front and along the side!

We couldn't wait to see the inside!
Very pretty and to see such style and grace was amazing!
They were getting ready for a big wedding and people (and fancy cars) were rolling in so we didn't get to stay long and look around as we knew they were going to be busy. 
I don't know who was getting married but I couldn't even imagine what this wedding was costing! Look at all those chairs and this hotel is not cheap! 

We headed back to pick up the guys to go to dinner.... Mexican! 
This would be my last night in West Palm Beach.... it's always bittersweet as I love going places but it's always good to be home too. Brandon wouldn't come home until Tuesday evening but Bailey girl would be ready to get out of the spa and head home! 

Huge thank you to Tom and the guys for their hospitality and allowing me to crash the guys trip. It's beautiful down there and hopefully I will get to go back and meet his mom and dad as Brandon thinks a lot of them! It was a fun trip and I crossed off another item off my bucket list!

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