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March 7, 2015 ~ Who's ready for another fun day in Las Vegas? We are! So I had a few things planned for us to do today that were a lot less crazy than yesterday. After nearly 12 hours of sleep we both feel good again and I was ready to head out to my first out-of-state 5k!

One of my goals for 2015 is to do 15 5k's! The breakdown of this goal is easy....
5 in Columbia, 5 outside of Columbia and 5 out of state! Sounds easy right? 

I was excited about this race as you don't actually "strip" on the strip but instead you wear donated clothing and take those off along the way. The best part about this race is that all the donated clothes (and I believe the money collected for signing up) goes to homeless veterans... something that I stand behind as we battle our own veteran homelessness in our own community.

The following information is taken from the website for the race:

U.S.VETS is the nation’s largest nonprofit provider of comprehensive services to homeless and at-risk veterans. They are dedicated to the successful transition of military veterans and their families.  With 11 facilities in six states and the District of Columbia, U.S.VETS provides vital services such as case management, employment assistance, job placement, counseling, as well as drug- and alcohol-free housing to over 3,000 veterans each day. In a year, U.S.VETS will help 3,000 veterans find housing and over 1,000 veterans obtain full-time employment.

The Stand Down is an event that is held in cities all over the nation to provide food, clothing, services and referrals to homeless veterans. The name "Stand Down" comes from a term used in times of war. Exhausted combat united requiring time to rest and recover were removed from the battlefields to a place of relative security and safety. Today, Stand Down refers to a grassroots, community-based intervention program designed to help the nation's estimated 67,000 homeless veterans "combat" life on the streets. Here in Las Vegas, the 2011 Homeless Census and Survey revealed 1,350 veterans were homeless on the streets of our community. 

The Stand Down brings the community into the solution, give hope to veterans still living on the streets, offer them a temporary respite, and connect them to information and services that can help them. 2014 marked the 11th anniversary of U.S. VETS hosting this annual event.

Over 850 pounds of clothes were shed on March 1st as race participants stripped for a cause at the Inaugural Strip on the Strip 5k Run / 1 mile walk!

A wonderful photo op in front of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign was part of the course! 
I met and ran some with another Michele! (Only she had 2 "L's" in her name!) 
Very fun race! Glad I found it! 
Now getting a taxi back to the hotel was a trip!  

Here's the video from the 2015 Strip on the Strip!
If the video doesn't play above, then click on the following link below

We spent a little time at NASCAR but it was pretty busy as the drivers and crew were very focused and I was kind of glad that we didn't take anything that needed to be signed for this trip.... not a great track for autographs until you were looking for a select few. 
Time to peek in the roof of the garage to see what we can see.....

Dale Jr.
Casey Mears
Kasey Khane
Clint Bowyer
Carl Edwards
Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart

After qualifying was over we decided to head back to the strip to see what we could find! 

With the announcement of the Riveria closing it's doors after 60 years we had to visit it one last time. We have stopped by a few times in the several visits to Las Vegas and it's a piece of history that will soon be long gone. It has hosted many stars such as Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, The Beach Boys and more. There were several movies that filmed here such as Ocean's Eleven (1960), Casino (1995), Showgirls (1995), Vegas Vacation (1997) and The Hangover (2009). I can only imagine the memories made here over the years.

Thank you for 60 wonderful years!

It is with no shortage of sadness that we are announcing the closure of the Riviera Hotel and Casino.   We greatly appreciate the expressions of fondness and loyalty for 'The Riv' from our guests throughout the years.  More importantly we want to acknowledge and applaud our associates who have worked to create enduring memories for all of our guests.  For the Riviera is more than a building, it has always been about Classic Fun, Classic Value and Classic Vegas!

Please stay tuned to our website for more information about our celebration that has been 60 years in the making!  We look forward in offering our guests the same Classic Fun, Classic Value, Classic Vegas experience that they have come to expect until our doors close on May 4, 2015 at noon.

 One of our favorite places to visit is the Wynn Hotel and Casino! I don't know why but this place is beautiful and I love this area with the trees! Any trip we make to Las Vegas we have to eat at The Buffet inside the Wynn! Yum!

So we totally laughed when we saw this and figured "why not"! Yes we went to see the 50 Shades Parody and thought it was funny! They totally made fun of this movie and kept the audience shaking their heads. They did a good job and was it my favorite? No. What else did we have lined up? Nothing. Why not!?!?! After all it's Las Vegas!

It was a fun trip and we enjoy visiting Las Vegas. It never disappoints with people watching but what I couldn't believe is all the girls walking down the strip barefoot with skimpy bikini's (some of them made you wonder why they even put it on with everything hanging out). Guess we have always gone in colder weather but I can say that this trip was far from cold weather! Las Vegas, it's been fun and thanks for the memories... until next time! 

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