Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Junkin' with Martha!

March 30, 2014 ~ Everyone has been working so hard on our barn for the past few months and today was set aside for running some errands with Martha! For those of you that don't know Martha that's my momma! Why do I call her Martha instead of momma you might ask... well it's a pretty simple answer if you have ever followed any trips we take. You see Martha is actually a lot of fun and if she gets too far out of hand and I call her momma then people look at me like "Poor girl's got her hands full" but really it's more like "Oh my gosh I want to go with those two crazy ladies!"

Brandon and his brother, Mike went to pick up an old truck that Brandon bought (he wanted an old fixer upper to work on) and then went to drill some holes with the Bobcat at a job site so Martha and I hit the open road! We had to return a few things at Menard's (Bernard's as dad calls it) then we went to a few flea markets to look for some junk we couldn't live without!

We went to the new flea market in the old Orschlen's location (you know by Gerbes on Paris Road).  Yep I didn't know it was a flea market either (not sure of the name either) but we checked it out! They are still selling booth space so it wasn't super full but it was fun to look around. We both found a couple things that we couldn't live without....

This was my haul! 
I love old bowls and thought these heavy things needed to come home with me! I also loved the little cowboy boots... Not very often do you find an old pair in good shape! Silicone potholders... you never have enough and this set of four was almost brand new! 

 I saw a box of old wooden spools for .10 each and decided I needed them! 
(Just need to grab one of my old blue Ball Jars to put them in)

We then loaded up our junk and headed to Itchy's Flea Market!
I found some horseshoes (newer) and a couple gate handles.

We then decided to check out Midway Antique Mall....
This would be where we would find all kinds of good deals! 

I was lucky enough to start a great quilt collection because of Grandma Ruby. When she passed away everyone got some of her huge quilt collection and I enjoy finding quilts that she would also like to add to my quilts! 

I just happened to find 3 great quilts at a great price! 

This white quilt is in great shape and a nice weight! Something about an old quilt I just love!

I love this color of green! When I saw this quilt I knew I had to have it and Martha just happened to buy this for me.... I love it! 

This oldie but goodie had me at the old material but the green and white polka dot material! It's a nice lap quilt and would make a great addition to my collection! 

I found this little cutie pa-tootie and quickly grabbed it! 
(I do love me some windmills)

I even stumbled across this ol girl and thought I needed it also! 
(Not very often do you find an old milk can in good shape)

Needless to say Martha and I had a good day! She found several things also and I have been driving my Jeep lately.... let's just say I don't recommend for Martha and I to take the Jeep junkin'.... Have you ever heard the expression "You've got 10 lbs of junk crammed in a 5 lb sack"? Well we had 20 lbs of junk piled in a 5 lb sack! Martha found an old chair she really wanted and after we got all of our sacks in the Jeep I couldn't fit the chair inside.... So we put Martha in the front seat and crammed the chair around her.... She looked like a wild animal that was caged in the front seat! We laughed the whole way home.... I do enjoy spending time with my momma but next time we'll take the truck!

Some of our favorite Flea Markets:

Midway Antique Mall
6401 W Highway 40
Columbia, MO 65202

Artichoke Annie's Antique Mall 
1781 Lindberg Drive
Columbia, MO 65201

Cedar Creek Second Hand
3313 State Road J
Fulton, MO 65251

Veranda Antique Mall
8650 I-70 Dr SE
Columbia, MO 65202

Applewagon Antiques
8509 Old US Hwy 40
Williamsburg, MO 63388


  1. What no picture of Martha in a cage in the front seat? Too funny!
    You girls rocked today!

  2. Believe me... I tried and she said she would kick my butt if I did so I had to paint the picture for you! Oh Martha... you ain't right! :)