Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chicken and Noodles

March 26, 2014 ~ I like easy recipes and with this crazy ol' Missouri weather bouncing from 70's to 30's I thought it was fitting to whip up a batch of Chicken and Noodles! There is just something about good ol' homemade soups that warm ya up and I can't hardly do canned soups anymore. (Really only Campbell's Chicken Noodle if I am sick but that's all)  I actually made this yesterday so we would have it in time for lunch today and I'm so glad because it hit the spot!

I grabbed my other crock pot and Slow Cooker Liners and started putting stuff together! 

Ingredients used:
2-3 Large Chicken Stock (46 fl ounces - Any brand you wish)
Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
2 Sticks of Sweet Cream Butter (real butter not margarine)
2 Bags of Egg Noodles (Any brand you wish or make your own)
Salt and Pepper
(of course you can add carrots and celery or anything else you like)

I am a picky eater and had to carve out the white piece (vein/grissel) that is in each chicken tender so I used 4 packages of chicken to make this. I know most people aren't this picky so you could probably get by with using 2-3 packages of chicken or even cook a whole chicken and tear apart... whatever works best for you.

 I put the chicken broth and chicken in the crock pot and let it cook on low all day. About an hour before we were ready to eat I poured in the 2 bags of eggs noodles and put the lid back on.

(As a rule I normally cook the noodles on the stove top with some chicken broth to give them flavor but couldn't find the frozen egg noodles I normally buy. I got this brand at Hy-Vee and just put them in the crock pot with the chicken and broth and they turned out perfect!) 

Grab a bowl and a glass of sweet tea cause sugars lunch is ready!
Oh so yummy! 

When we were done with lunch I turned the crock pot off and allowed it to cool down. Then put the crock portion of the crock pot in the refrigerator over night with the contents still in the Slow Cooker bag. Tomorrow I will heat it all back up for leftovers!

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