Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Surprise Engagement - Justin & Stephanie!

April 19, 2014 ~ After 4 years of dating my diva cousin Stephanie finally got engaged but this was no ordinary engagement!  Justin and Stephanie started dating on March 6, 2010 while out with friends in the Power and Light District in Kansas City, MO. These crazy kids keep us laughing as they are perfect for each other!

The Top Secret Proposal....

My cousin is such a diva... seriously! She is a hot mess and gets it honestly! She wanted to be involved in picking out the ring and gave Justin specific instructions of what she wanted when he was going to pop the question (told you she was a total diva)! She didn't want him to propose on any holiday, she wanted their families to be there including her cousin (me) to take pictures, etc. We all laughed as Justin definitely has his hands full with this girl!

Little did she know I had been talking to Justin for about 2 weeks about her proposal. He wanted to do something that would be really cool and memorable and include their families just as she wanted. He said with their busy schedules it looked like April 19th was the only day that would work as Stephanie thought the ring wouldn't be in for another 4 weeks or so. (It was a custom order and would take 6-8 weeks after ordering it) Justin and I came up with a great idea and we were ready to put it into motion! 

I bought some thicker poster board and painted "Will you marry me?" on them the night before so they would be ready to go. The idea was that the family would enter the room holding these signs to help Justin pop the question! 

When I got up in the morning I thought they needed another sign that read "She said yes!"

Stephanie wanted to go shopping with her mom so Aunt Judy got up early and headed to Kansas City to pick Stephanie up. They would head out around 9:45 AM. I had an all day author's event that started at 10:00 AM in Columbia, MO and wouldn't be able to leave until 3:30 PM. I needed to talk to Justin before I went in to this event to make sure of the plans for this evening. Everything was a go and we were all excited! At 3:50 PM I hit the road and stopped by to pick up the signs and my momma and head to Kansas City! Justin was taking Stephanie to dinner at 5:30 PM down on the plaza and they would be done around 6:30 PM.

We had the ol' Spry-Express hammered down and had enough time to stop by Krispy Kreme! We got there just in time as we got the first couple doughnuts off the line! OMG... those things are so good! 

We finally arrived to Justin and Stephanie's house! 
(We parked at their friends house about 2 blocks away and walked to their house)

Aunt Judy loving on Maverick!
(Judy told Stephanie that she had to leave Kansas City by 3:00 PM because she wanted to get by a store in Columbia before they closed... in the video you hear her tell her mom that she is such a great liar! Well we can't tell you everything Stephanie!) 

It was a lot of fun running through how this would all happen so that we all had a game plan! Then we got the text message that Justin and Stephanie were leaving the restaurant and heading home. They had dinner down on the plaza and would be home in about 10 minutes!

We had to set their home alarm system and hide out in their spare bedroom as we waited to hear them walk in the door and Justin would disarm the alarm. He would then give her a card to read and that was our que.... No pressure right?!?!?! 

It was all captured on video....... 
(Sorry about the "F" Bombs that were used at the beginning.... when you surprise someone you never know what they will say!) 

As you can see she was totally surprised! Somehow, someway we pulled off a wonderful engagement with family and friends! We couldn't be happier for you both...

Congratulations Justin and Stephanie!

Mom picked a fresh bouquet of tulips out of her yard to give them! So pretty!

After a little champagne toast we needed to get some photos of everyone who helped to make this day extra special and catch the happy faces of our newly engaged couple! 

I think Maverick approves! 

Such a happy couple! 
Wedding is planned for 2015!

Justin and Stephanie with Judy! 
(Stephanie's momma)

Justin and Stephanie with Linda and Dennis
(Justin's mom and dad)

Justin and Stephanie with Steve, Tracy, Liz, Kaeden and Addison
(Justin's brother, sister-in-law and nieces)

Justin and Stephanie with Marsue and Michele
(Stephanie's aunt and cousin)

Justin and Stephanie with Erica and Lauren

Stephanie, Erica and her little baby girl! 

With the help of some wonderful people we pulled it off without Stephanie even thinking twice and what a fun and memorable evening captured through a great video and pictures! Great job Justin! 
Oh and Stephanie.... never under estimate a SPRY-ize! Ha! 

Looking forward to planning a beautiful wedding with you crazy kids! 
Congratulations!!! Love you both bunches!!!!

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