Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jaxon Easter Egg Hunting 2014

 April 20, 2014 ~ I love family time and weekends that we are all able to get together at mom and dad's house. There's just something you appreciate a little more the older we get and seeing Jaxon is always a highlight! Now that Jaxon is 3 years old he is a lot of fun! Don't get me wrong... he certainly takes after his Aunt Shell because when he doesn't want to do something he won't! He's getting so tall (like his daddy) and I can see my sister in his little ornery smile!  He was so excited to go Easter egg hunting but knew Aunt Shell wanted to take pictures. We had a late lunch with family then it was time to get outside and enjoy the day!

Jaxon was so funny because he wanted to find all the Easter eggs (he's the only grandchild so he was the only one that would be hunting eggs anyway) and was so busy looking everywhere that he missed the ones right next to him! Silly boy!

He felt the need to open each egg to see what was inside before picking up the other ones! 
Not sure what he was expecting to find but so far he hadn't found it!
"Look Aunt Shell... there's more Easter eggs!" 
It was so cute watching him! 
Somebody even hid eggs on the porch!
He was checking out some of the goodies that he got....
 even taking time to sample a few pieces....
and when he's done... he's done! 
(he sure knows how to make a mess!)
Dad and Brandon taking a little stroll....

Then it was time to get the water balloons out!
Jaxon loved the water balloons! His momma and granny couldn't make them fast enough!

Seriously how could you not love this adorable (messy) little face!?!?

We brought several water balloons down to the house.....
If you could have heard the giggles! So much fun!

Then he needed a little ride on his John Deere Gator!
This thing is sounding funny.... I think we have a rattle somewhere....
Always tinkering on something!
I think it needs a rest while Aunt Shell takes me on a golf cart ride!
 (His momma wanted to take a ride too!)

I love all of momma's flowers so we went to take pictures and water them! 
Jaxon's idea of watering granny's flowers is to shoot them with his water gun.
He got all of her birdhouses and bells too!

What a wonderful Easter spent with family that included momma's good cookin' and my sister's cute Easter cake! I love being home and having all of us together. As you can see we certainly have our hands full with Jaxon and I can only imagine how next year will be! He is 100% boy and loves to do things on his own. Aunt Shell still has to bribe him to get pictures as he doesn't love the camera. (Bubby I hate to break it to you but your Aunt Shell will always be trying to capture that handsome little smile!) 

Happy Easter Y'all!

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