Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Operation Windmill: Stand Up!

June 22, 2013 ~ If you remember waaaaaay back when (May 4, 2012 to be exact.... but who's counting right?) my hubby went an hour and a half away to get this beauty for me. I know... It looks like a bunch of scrap metal but if you look real close it's a windmill! I LOVE WINDMILLS!!!! For some people they love the water/beach and find it relaxing.... for me windmills are super relaxing! Love watching them spin freely in the wind! 

Well we've had quite a detour with our barn (hail storm on September 7, 2012) that resulted in having to remove most of the metal and replace it which then post-poned my windmill being put up. Every time we went to see the progress on the barn I would tell Brandon "Well, looks like the windmill is still sleeping.... when will she ever wake up!?!" Now that we are 99% done with the barn it was time to start Operation Windmill: Stand Up! 

Brandon and the guys had to get additional metal to extend the windmill and put additional bracing on it. (I only wanted an old "authentic" windmill which means they get bent after many years of being in fields. A new one wasn't an option) After working on it over the past week or so they were finally ready to stand it up! 

Guys working on getting the windmill head attached while on the ground.
Hubby even poured a concrete pad for her to sit on! 
(Thank goodness we own 2 bucket trucks to get this job done!)
How can you not get excited to see this going on???
I'm a happy, happy, happy girl!
!Standing in at 48' tall and she was spinning for us even before she was set....
Isn't she perfect?!?!

They still need to add some bracing and put her tail on but I absolutely love it! This windmill will serve no other purpose other than to watch her spin in the wind! (I know it's kind of crazy not to use it for it's intended purpose but seriously y'all... it's Michele Spry and you know I don't do things like normal people!)

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  1. Nicely done! Certainly a project of these size requires at least a couple of bucket trucks to hold things up. It's good that you actually own two; certainly this wasn't their first outing on the barn. Having these bucket trucks can really be handy when doing installations such as this, and pretty much anything that needs a boost up to do, like tree trimming and such.

    Jonathan Carroll @ Utility Fleet