Monday, June 10, 2013

My 5th 5k ~ Baer & Edington

June 8, 2013 ~ Today would mark my 5th 5k since I started this crazy idea to get in shape and push myself to do something I have never done before. (Ok so what started out as a challenge to do one 5k has now became a challenge to see how many I could knock out this year around Columbia, MO) I am a little worried that we have had really nice weather so far and soon it will turn off to be super hot and take it's toll on my body.... I am already beet red and hotter than heck when I get done and fear my face will melt off as I cross the finish line! (I know it won't but that's what I feel like already!)

What was really cool about doing the 5k's is to see all the great organizations that directly receive benefit from those putting on these events. This year would mark the 2nd Annual Baer & Edington 5k benefiting Pascale's Pals here in Columbia, MO. Pascale's Pals, Inc. is a non-profit corporation developed to benefit the children and families staying at the Women and Children's Hospital in Columbia, MO. The goal of Pascale's Pals is to ease the burden of the family and provide happiness to the children during their stay in the hospital. It is our belief that happiness, love, and prayer for children helps them heal quicker. At the beginning of the race Baer & Edington presented Pascale's Pals a check for $6,000.00! Awesome!

This route would be hilly and those said hills would totally kick my butt! It didn't start until just a few minutes after 8:00 AM and this time I would try using music to push myself a little harder. (Side note: I used an AOL Radio app on my phone which was great.... except somehow it was all rap... not exactly something I listen to and wasn't as motivating as I needed. I finally got it to the right station and next time I will know what station to put it on!) 

Since I have started on this challenge my knees have felt good. No pain, no aches and overall not even feeling of jell-o. My last 5k was pretty flat and I took longer strides and felt really sore in the straddle muscles / inner thighs. This time I took shorter strides but my knees were a little achy. (This is something I have been trying to watch as I don't want to have issues with stress fractures or cause other problems with my knees as I don't have time to be hurt)

As I rounded the corner I knew the finish line was up around the next corner. I began to run.... as I ran up a slight incline and ran up a hill I was starting to give up but I kept telling myself "Don't give up, you can do this.... PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!" I crossed the finish line at 35:37. My legs had goose bumps and I felt like I could collapse. I sat down for a few moments and then worried I might get leg cramps so I grabbed a water and stretched my feet/legs on the parking lot curb. They were passing out popsicle and let me tell you... that was the best tasting popsicle I have tasted! I was hot yet it felt so good to knock this one out.

It didn't dawn on me until I was talking to Brandon later this afternoon that this was yet another personal record. I came in 7 seconds faster than my previous 5k! 7 whole seconds was exactly what I needed to keep me on track for my time to keep getting better. I do realize there will be a time that I won't beat my old record but it won't stop me from trying! 


  1. Great job, Michele! Keep in mind that you set a PR on a hilly course. If it had been a flatter course, you have beaten your PR by an even bigger margin! I did the Cranberry Crawl one year, which was uphill most of the way. After that debacle, I started training on the hilliest course I could find. My next 5K was on a flat course and I SMOKED it! Keep up the great effort!

  2. Thank you Joe! I am still trying to push myself and keep my time getting better and better. Thank goodness these hills didn't come until the 5th 5k or I might have given up early on... now giving up isn't an option!