Monday, July 8, 2013

My 9th 5k ~ Paleo Walk/Run 5k

June 29, 2013 ~ Today I would put my 9th 5k in the books! I signed up for the Paleo Run that was put on by RecoverFast and Transformational Fitness benefiting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri and the Columbia Farmer's Market. It was held at Cosmo Park in Columbia, MO.

I got to the event early and got signed in so I thought I would do some walking to warm up. With the sun beaming down I couldn't help but notice this person following me and then I realized....

This is my shadow. She follows me wherever I go. If I give up, she gives up... If I keep pushing, she keeps pushing. Today we will embark on our 9th 5k.... We don't give up! 
(This was my Facebook post pre-race)

 As we were waiting for others to show up and the race to get started many of us were talking about our past races, what we did as far as walk, jog or run and how warm it was already! 

 Let's get this race started! 
Official Finish Time: 38:06 
 It wasn't my best time yet again (but wasn't my worst). 

 When I was done I went over to see the guy working the RecoverFast tent. At the 1 mile mark I began to get cramps in my right calf and I have never had that happen before. He put a machine on it and I like to call it a miracle machine.... My leg felt awesome and didn't hurt at all! 

I have been doing some reflecting and trying to figure out why my times are going up instead of going down. What started out as completing one 5k this year as turned to a goal of completing 13 in 2013. (Anyone who knows me knows I always do things to the extreme) I do realize that I don't train in between my 5k's but I stay very active. Because we are getting to hotter temps and when the races get started it's already hot and humid and I am miserable when I get out of the car. I think I have lost my focus which is why I have been doing so crappy these past couple races. I added music to the mix and I think that actually hurts me. I find myself slowing down and listening to the music rather than getting in there and knocking it out. I also think I get bored easily and when you have a track that you run multiple times I get bored with the scenery. I think our upcoming vacation will help me re-energize, re-fuel and relax which will help put me back on track to getting my times back down and hopefully reaching a realistic goal of under 30 minutes. These are all just goals and if we don't apply ourselves to do our best now then how can we stay on track?  

Recap of races: 
#1 Glow Run 5k 4/16/2013 (Not timed but finished in under 45 minutes)
#2 Coyote Hill 5k 4/27/2013 (43:25:71)
#3 Girls on the Run 5k 5/11/2013  (36:52:3)
#4 Go Girl Run 5k 5/25/2013  (35:44:84)
#5 Baer & Edington 5k 6/8/2013  (35:37)
#6 Stu22 5k 6/15/2013  (35:07)
#7 Hallsville Optimist 5k 6/16/2013  (36:02)
#8 In2Action Trail Run 5k 6/22/2013 (41:30)  
#9 Paleo Walk/Run 5k 6/29/2013  (38:06) 

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