Monday, June 17, 2013

My 6th 5k ~ Stu 22 Crew

June 15, 2013 ~ Today marked my 6th 5k and my running buddy, Elizabeth Tate's 4th 5k! This was the 4th Annual Stuart Eiken Foundation 5k Run/Walk held on Mizzou campus. Brad Eiken, one of our Chamber Ambassadors, is the father of Stuart Eiken. Stuart took his life much too soon and this 5k (and the Stuart B. Eiken Foundation - "Stu 22 Crew") was created in 2010 to promote awareness for the prevention of teenage suicide and to assist teens with the overall health of their bodies, minds and hearts. He was attending Rock Bridge High School.

I really enjoy participating in 5k's that benefit great things in our community and I never knew that teenage suicide was the 3rd leading cause of deaths in our youth. It's really cool to see Stuart's friends and family gather to remember him and help others see the signs in other teenagers.

It was already hot and muggy when the race started at 8:30 AM and John Beverstein, owner of Honey Baked Hams and a Chamber Ambassador, gave the Ambassadors a challenge if we participated in the race. He would give a $25 gift card to Honey Baked Ham for an Ambassador that could beat him and would give a box lunch to any Ambassador that participated. Sweet! (Little did we know that John can whip out a 5k in like 20 minutes or less and believe me.... I ain't there!)

I felt good and did pretty good until we got to some good inclines.... dang those inclines/hills get me! It was hot and sunny on the uphills and shady and breezy on the downhills. It was awesome coming around the corner to see the finish line up ahead and then crossing it at what I thought was a pretty good pace.

My final time was 35:07 which was another personal record!!!! My face was beet red and I was super hot but crossing that finish line is an awesome feeling because there are so many times you want to give up but you tell yourself giving up isn't an option. I have no idea where I placed and honestly it doesn't matter to me.... to help a great cause and getting the chance to cross off another 5k is a pretty great thing!

Elizabeth and I with John Beverstein holding our gift certificate of a Honey Baked Ham box lunch!

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