Monday, June 17, 2013

My 7th 5k ~ Hallsville Optimist Club

June 16, 2013 ~ Yes I am crazy and yes this was my second 5k in two days marking this as my 7th 5k since starting this crazy idea! This 5k was in Hallsville, MO for the Hallsville Optimist Club to support their Buddy Pack Program. We all know that Buddy Packs are far to common in our school system and I hate the thought that a child could go hungry if it wasn't for the Buddy Packs.

I had signed up for this 5k about 3-4 weeks ago and I didn't realize that the Stu 22 Crew 5k had been set for the day before.... I will be honest with you.... Running two 5k's in two days was not the smartest idea I have had. I felt great and was ready to do the best I could but I knew I wouldn't be creating another personal record which was ok. I was going to give it what I had!

The race started at 7:30 AM and it was a lot cooler than yesterday and was starting to sprinkle. For the first 2 miles I did great.... I was at 22 minutes and 33 seconds (My app that I keep track of my run on tells me what I am doing at mile 1, 2 and 3). That last mile kicked my butt! I tried to run then speed walk to cool down. I was getting super hot and there was no water station on this trail which I thought I was going to die. I was starting to feel it in my calves and I tried to make sure I didn't push too hard as I need these little bird legs to get me to a lot of places. Finally I crossed the finish line and the official time came in at 36:02. I wasn't disappointed as I knew I wouldn't be setting a personal record but I was proud I didn't give up! As I went over to get a water and sat on the concrete to stretch and cool down there was an Army ROTC recruiter that was doing this in his combat boots, backpack and two 5 or 10 lbs weights in his hands..... as he crossed the finish line I couldn't help but think about his determination and dedication..... I bet he never even once thought about giving up.

We were asked to wait around for awards. I have never waited around for awards as I knew I wasn't the fastest. This 5k brought in 25 runners/walkers which meant that over half of us would be receiving awards. (This is the 2nd year this 5k has gone on and last year they had over 66 people participating and with today being Father's Day, the some what rainy weather and the Heritage Festival going on that probably was the reason for a low attendance) As we went inside the building it was awesome listening to the top runners completing this event in 20-22 minutes and 3 young (under 10 and one of them was 7 years old) completed it in 27 minutes! Holy smokes those kids were awesome!

I received 1st place for my age group (34-39). It was nice but I knew that it would take a lot more pushing myself if I ever wanted to see another award. For me... it's not about the awards. It's about seeing just how far you can push yourself to be the best you can be. With each run I am doing this.... after all, if I can't be the best me how can I be the best to you?

Oh and one more thing.... this stuff is awesome! I totally feel like an old lady after putting this minty stuff on my little calves but it truly works wonders and is better than the other stuff out there. If you have muscle aches ..... get you some!

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