Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Montrose, CO ~ Day 1 Colorado National Mounment Fun!

July 3, 2013 ~ Today is a day that we have been looking forward to for a few months! We were flying out to Montrose, CO to visit the Lear Family! This would be our 3rd trip to Montrose and we absolutely love it! We were super excited when we found out we could fly from Columbia Regional Airport (http://www.flymidmo.com/ ) since it was about a 25 minute drive from home rather than driving 2 hours away. (We would still have to change planes if we drove to St. Louis or Kansas City to get to Montrose, CO) We headed to the airport at 5:15 AM for a 6:35 AM flight. I love how smooth it is to fly from this airport and we always try to fly from here when we can!

Well, hello sunshine! 
(I knew it was going to be a great day with the Missouri sun sending us off on our trip!)

After a quick 1 1/2 flight to Dallas we would wait for our next flight. 
We found our happy while kicked back on the reclining chairs with a hot chocolate and people watching.... yes lots of great people watching in airports! 

After a 2 hour flight we finally made it!

We got our rental car (2013 Chevy Tahoe) and decided to hit the road!
(Paul and Whitnee had to work today)

We decided to go see the Colorado National Monument!
If you have never been here you should go...it's beautiful!

As you can see from just a handful of pictures this place is beautiful!
Pictures doesn't really do this place justice because of the panoramic view.

This year I was much wiser....
I brought the tripod for our camera so we could get some great shots of us too!

We had so much fun!

Brandon even found this Geological Survey Bench Mark from 1934!

Independence Monument is all that remains of a continuous ridge that once formed a wall between Monument and Wedding Canyons. A cap of durable Kayenta rock has protected this picturesque 450 feet (137 meters) high monolith from the relentless erosion that carried away the surrounding rock.

 We had just learned that each year on July 4th (Independence Day) climbers will climb to the top of Independence Monument and place an American flag on top. I bet that is amazing to watch and see!
You can read more about it and see pictures on the link below.....

 Since we were so close to Utah we decided to take a little drive to get our picture in front of the sign!
(It was windy and Brandon was laughing at all the truckers driving by honking... anything for his wife! Ha!)

After a nice little drive through Utah to find somewhere to turn around to head back to Montrose, CO we had to stop and get our picture next to the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign!

Heading to Paul and Whitnee's for dinner... we are starving!

Paul and Whitnee live near a dairy farm.... amazing to see this place in operation. I bet they have hundreds of dairy cows and seems like every time we drive by they are eating. I do love me some beef!

I didn't take my camera in at Paul and Whitnee's (what? Are you sure I am feeling ok?) because I wanted to just visit. Whitnee had fixed dinner for us and it was amazing! Some crock pot creation from pintrest and it was awesome! It was good to see the kids and I can't believe how much they have grown in a year! We decided to call it an early night.... heck we are old people that traveled all day!

 On the way to the hotel we saw a beautiful Colorado sunset... if my husband hadn't been driving like 60 miles per hour I might have gotten a better shot! :)

Holiday Inn Express in Montrose, CO would be our home for the next 4 days!
(Thank you Wayne Washburn for letting us use your Platinum Ambassador status... hello free upgrade! Oh Yeah!)

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