Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Montrose, CO ~ Day 3 Antiques, Elk & Telluride!

July 5, 2013 ~ Paul had to work until 2 pm today so we got to spend the day with Whitnee and Damon! The older kids would get picked up after lunch so we decided to go looking around at antique shops and we found this cool place! This guy does some amazing work with a chainsaw.

 This little guy didn't look happy... Think he heard about us hitting his family member!

Hi Mr. Turtle....
Giving Mr. Turtle knuckles....
and blowing it up! Ha! 

This place was awesome!! So many cool old signs and really unique pieces. Their prices were very reasonable and if I knew how to get some of them back I would have bought a few.
I really wanted to buy this sign but there were a handful of things he wouldn't sell.
Tracy's Antiques
66422 Solar Rd
Montrose, CO 81403

Whitnee needed to take Damon home for a nap so that he would play nice this afternoon. She also needed to pick the big kids up and make sure they were ready to go where ever we decided to take off to. So Brandon and I hit the road! With a few hours to ourselves we decided to head towards Gunnison, CO and see what we could find! 
We made it up to the Blue Mesa and decided to check it out.
We found an area called "Bay of Chickens" and thought it would be a perfect place to take a picture or two. I mean seriously.... look at those chicken legs! Ha! 
We found another road that was called "Red Creek" and decided to take a little drive to see what could be hiding back there.... but there was nothing but a few campers spread out over the few miles we drove. We got a text from the Lear's that said Paul was home and they were ready to go so we began heading back. It was a nice little drive seeing some beautiful country!

We picked up Paul, Whitnee, Elaine, Connor and Damon and heading out to Telluride, CO! We drove through Ridgeway, CO and drove past True Grit. Yes it's a John Wayne restaurant and we ate there 3 years ago when we came out for Paul and Whitnee's wedding. If you love John Wayne like my husband loves John Wayne you need to go here!

We pulled over at a little park to let the kids run around for a few.
(Brandon had to pee. Anyone that knows him well knows that his bladder is like the size of a thimble... I swear that boy can't go longer than an hour without stopping... he says it's part of getting old. His famous line the whole trip.... "I know you wouldn't believe it but I have to pee"... Imagine that!) 

(This is the look that says "Woman! Get in the car because we are taking a wildlife detour!")
Boy Mule Deer...
Girl Mule Deer...
Momma and Baby Mule Deer....

We went up to Aldasoro Ranch where some of the celebrities have homes.
(I just wanted to see some of the fancy homes and couldn't imagine the millions these people have invested in a home they don't live in year around.)
 The view from up where these homes was beautiful!

One Mule Deer.....
Two Mule Deer...
(They weren't camera shy at all)

Just before we got to Telluride we drove past a field full of Elk.
I'm not so sure that it's every day you see this many Elk together at one spot.
There were several cars pulled over to look at these beauties.....
 We made it to Telluride! 
We have never taken a ride on a gondola so we thought we would see what it was all about! 
Our view behind us!
The Spry's having fun! 
Elaine, Connor and Damon enjoying the ride! 

We rode right over another beautiful home on the gondola!
It was a neat place and the kids watched a magician on the square before heading out to find something to eat! 
We ate at a little place called "The Cornerhouse" and it was a little place. You ordered your food from the bar (burgers/sandwiches) and sat where ever you wanted on the first floor or outside. We sat at a table that was a wire spool in the bay window you can see on the picture. It was neat but service was really slow. It was ok because we really didn't have anywhere we had to be.
Just before leaving we had to get a quick picture! 
We headed up a road called "Las Dollar Road"
Such an amazing place!
Filled with lots of critters!
Beautiful landscapes too!
As we rounded the corner we saw hundreds... seriously hundreds of Elk!
The entire hill side was covered with Elk...
We had a hard time getting close to them as they were trying to figure out where to go. It was truly amazing to see all these critters in this mass quantity and I am certain very few people have had this opportunity. Really awesome to see this!
In the field across from all of this was another huge herd of Elk....
Amazing that you can smell the musky odor they put off and it was really musky the closer we got.
I loved the Aspens.... crazy I know!
Well someone wanted her picture taken too!
"The Last Dollar Ranch"
(Love the entrance)
We also found a porcupine ... but this guy was camera shy!
(never seen one of these before)
 You talkin' to me?
It was starting to get too dark to take pictures. We had an awesome day and experienced stuff we have never done/seen before which is always cool! We called it an early night so we could get ready for tomorrow!

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