Tuesday, July 24, 2012


July 20, 2012 ~ I got to spend the day with Jaxon today! The hand, foot and mouth virus was going around at daycare and after being at home all week he got to spend the day with Aunt Shell! The little stinker loves to be in the bathroom and loves looking at himself... not sure at 17 months old that he understands it's his reflection or if he does he likes himself!

He loves listening to Jewel's children's CD. His favorite song is "Sammy the Spider"and it's so cute how he dances around. He's so much fun! "Hey Aunt Shell... let me play you a song!"

After I fixed him a grilled cheese sandwich he could hardly hold his eyes open! I put him down on the couch and within 2 minutes he was out. I love watching him sleep and can't believe how big he's gotten! I sure love this little guy!

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