Friday, July 27, 2012

Girl Time ~ Painting!

July 25, 2012 ~ I had tried to plan a date with my bestie, Misty McKee (in black on left) for some time but with her family schedule and my crazy schedule we just couldn't make it work until tonight! I talked her into going to The Canvas on Broadway which is a fun little shop that picks a painting and teaches you step-by-step how to paint it! In exchange she wanted to go to Booche's to get a burger first!

I met Vonna Hudson (in blue on the right) when her husband passed away in a shop fire at their home. She is a super nice lady and we helped her to rebuild a shop earlier this year. She commented on a facebook post and I invited her for some "girl time" and she said yes! (Boy was she in for a treat!)

One of my other great friends, Shelly DeVore (back row between Vonna and I) had been with me before to paint and we both enjoy it that I wanted her to come too! I always have such a great time when I am with her and orginally met her when I was going through Leadership Columbia in 2010.... Her real name is Michele (yep with one "L" too) since then we are like sister's seperated at birth!

I wanted Shelly to meet Misty as both of these gals are pretty special to me! We had so much fun painting and I think Vonna had a blast too! She is such a neat lady who likes to laugh and have fun.... believe me there was lots of that going on! (Misty.... "Michele's not listening"..... "Michele why aren't you using the brush they told you to use?" .... hmmm..... Michele isn't a good listener sometimes!) Thank you ladies for making my night perfect.... because I got to spend it with you all!

I think we all did a pretty darn good job.... funny how one painting can be created in so many different styles! I love them all.... and the paintings too!

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