Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ambassador Century Club Dinner!

July 19, 2012 ~ Tonight was the final piece to being chair of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. We had the 5th annual Century Club Dinner at the University Club. (When an Ambassador reaches 100 points during the current year they are invited to a special dinner with the current chair... this year we had 45 Ambassadors reach this milestone!) It was an awesome night and as an "out-going" gift they gave me one of the best presents ever.... they know I have a love for the St. Louis Cardinals and baseball.... so they gave me a official baseball bat that was stamped with the St. Louis Cardinals logo and 2011 World Series Champions along with "Congrats! A Record Year! Michele Spry 2011-2012 Chamber Ambassadors" and most of the Ambassadors signed it. It truly was the best gift anyone could give me as I cherish each one of their friendships! It really was a great year ending with a grand total of 182 ribbon cuttings! I also dedicated my 1,000 point Ambassador tree during my term which was really special as I dedicated it on the same day as Dan Scotten (founder of our Ambassadors) marking our 35th Anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors!
I have truly enjoyed working along side these amazing people and look forward to another great year under Tom Trabue's leadership!

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