Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bailey Girl

Bailey is our beagle/Heinz 57 mix dog that we got as a puppy. One of mom and dads friends, Keith House, was working in Fulton, MO and this little puppy was on the side of the road. He was afraid she would get hit so he placed her in someone's fenced in yard. She whined for him to come back and he couldn't take it so he took her home with him. I happened to be at their house and I told him I would take her. That's been 9 years ago and she is the best dog ever! We taught her to go get the newspaper at the end of our driveway and she just couldn't wait for Brandon to let her out to go get it. She was so small and the newspaper was so big but she was so happy. She loves to be around us and Brandon takes her for a quick ride in the truck each morning. She looks forward to the mornings for sure! I have taught her to "smile" when we get home and it's so cute because she will show her teeth and wag her whole butt in excitement.
She also loves to play ball. We have taught her how to "toss" the ball to us. She is so cute and can't wait for us to get home and play. She is such a good dog and I can't imagine not having her! She loves to mess with Max and Mattie but as they are getting older they can't keep up with her...... She watches over them and I ask her to go get Max (aka: bubby) or Mattie (aka: sissy) and she will go find them and make them come into whatever room we are in. She's like the momma.  :) 

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