Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rivera Maya, Mexico 2010

Brandon and I planned a little get away along with another couple this past week. We left Monday June 28th and returned last night on July 3rd. We stayed at the Valentin Maya Resort which is all inclusive and adults only. It was so nice to get away and we are so thankful that we have great people on our team (Derry, Kim, Rhoda and Brian) that took care of the office end and made sure everyone was doing what they needed to do allowing us to get away. The weather was perfect! Hurricane Alex was moving in the Gulf of Mexico and we wondered what we would be up against but it was perfect. There was overcast of clouds and a nice 25 mph wind that kept you cool. We had a wonderful time and checked out the resort for the first couple of days. On Wednesday we went to the newest park "XPLORE" which was really cool. First we rode John Deere gators through the jungle and in caves. Next we did the zip lines. We climbed up a tall tower zip lined over the jungle to another tower and went all over the park. What a blast! A couple of them took you through water so you had to wear swim wear or walk all day in wet clothes. We then paddled by hand on a raft through caves/caverns which was really neat. Lastly we swam through a cavern. It was a day full of adventure and things we had never done before. We stayed at the resort again until Friday and went into Playa del Carman and took the ferry to Cozemuel. Once in Cozemuel we took a taxi all around the island. The taxi driver was our personal tour guide and it was just 4 of us and the driver. It was really neat because we got to see the whole island (in a quick tour) in 2 hours and because he has lived there for 30 years he could tell us things that others didn't know. Check out time was noon on Saturday and our shuttle picked us up. As soon as we left it started pouring down rain. We got to the airport and they told us we needed to go to gate B11 and we even asked the lady at the gate if this was right (no screens showed Miami, FL) and she said yes. She didn't know what we were saying and thank goodness Brandon and Josh checked because we needed to be at another gate in like 2 minutes. We ran hard to get to were we needed to go and made it just in time! Needless to say it was a complete zoo until we got to St. Louis! It's so good to be back home!

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